Tracey Ayton: Lilac Junkie

Remember that game "Never have I ever..."

I never would have ever imagined I'd be hanging out with this funny bird, at least based on the clean styled vignettes that make up her Instagram feed.  But she messaged me one day after following me for a few weeks, months after I had started creeping on her, wondering where in Tsawwassen she was living.  I came over and we sat in her backyard chatting for 3 hours before I needed to return to normal life.

And it's been happily ever after, ever since.

After another long painful Winter, life did return to the West Coast and with it, an abundance of lilacs spring up all over the neighbourhoods.  Tracey called me up for a photoshoot to celebrate the life of a grand violet tree that had been growing down in Boundary Bay, soon to be ripped out of the property that was to be renovated. 

It was well celebrated.


Always on the gram. Ha!

Alex + Sarita

I had so much fun shooting this adorable pair of human beings!!!  The internet has gifted me with some of the coolest friendships, including this beautiful goofball of sunshine, Miss Sarita. These friendships are exciting and mysterious, falling in love with people you have never met in person but feel like you know so well after months of connection and laughter.  It's cool to physically meet them and feel the presence of that same spirit you have connected with just through photos and words.  I gotta say, I was really stoked when Sarita asked me to photograph her with her long-distance beau, Alex, who was visiting Vancity for their one year anniversary.  Up until this point, these intimate sessions have been exclusively family, young parents, or occasionally newlyweds.  This was my first time shooting a couple still fresh in their relationship, full of all that honeymoon goodness, and it was so deliciously fun!  We met in my old stompy grounds of Mount Pleasant, the area of my young and stupid days, drinking more than sleeping days, barely considering consequences days of yore... It is always a bittersweet visit but I was distractedly excited for this session as we would be meeting specifically at the new Andy Dixon mural that went up this summer for the mural festival.  If you don't know Andy Dixon, do yourself a favour and check out his work and join the rest of us in being obsessed HA!  We got in trouble trying to climb a building to get some shots and I laughed as Sarita pulled a ME and sweetly begged the guy to let us just have a couple shots.

Ok, too much talking.  Photos.  


Happy Birthday Thomas!

I can't believe I never posted these because they are so beautiful and making me tear up.  We just celebrated this guy's First Birthday over the weekend and Caela just texted me to resend her the gallery.  Upon uploading, I fell in love with these photos in a whole new light.  It didn't seem that long ago, and in the grand scheme of things a year really isn't that long ago, but time is cruel and doesn't stop or wait.  Second by second, moments come and go like a flash in the pan and suddenly those endless first days of becoming a mother are a distant memory (... did that really happen?) and your little one has grown exponentially into an entirely different human being.  Many of my close friends are those whom I would have never expected to be, this Mama included.  She was 17 when I met her and when she hired me.  I can't believe it's been almost 10 years that have passed and that she has been there throughout my 3 pregnancies and spoiled my kids with gifts;  Moses and Chloe were in her wedding party and in this past year it was my turn to witness her struggles and successes as she passed through the threshold into motherhood.

You guys have done an incredible job this year and I am so proud of you and so grateful to have you in my life.  Congratulations on making it through the first year!

Happy Birthday Toto!


Coral and Cloud

Trying to keep the momentum going with a few projects from 2016!

Last summer, I joined forces with local Vancouverite and Mompreneur Miko from Coral and Cloud to shoot her Fall Line of modern geometric handpainted jewellry.  The afternoon session included portraits of kids with the new line for the store portion of her website, delicious carrot and cream cheese tea sammiches and some fun candid shots for good measure.  Though the majority of customers are girls or on the behalf of girls, Miko mentioned that a handful of boys really loved her playful colourful pieces which obviously meant I had to pull in Momo to help showcase on behalf of the boys!  Here are a few samples of our collaborative work from last Fall...


Endless colour combinations mean there is not just a necklace for everyone, but multiple necklaces to suit every outfit and outlook of the day!  In addition to the her Doll series, Miko's also got some sweet chunky pieces for adults and some adorable AF pandas on the go right now... Current goodies brewing are for Valentine's Day which means if you are reading this, you are ahead of the game on finding a cute gift handmade for Valentine's Day and supporting one of the sweetest Mamas in Vancity!  Head over to CORALANDCLOUD on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for the latest news!



Beach Evenings

i had posted this in my personal blog but decided these were too good not to share here as well.  we are so lucky to live so close to the beach.  it's so clean and quiet (at least during the week anyway throughout summer) and it's my favourite place to be all year round.  i'm so grateful we were able to have a few family evenings here as i've been pounding out a lot of work and not able to spend as much time together as i would like.  this was such a great day as it was the first time Malcolm experienced walking in the water on his own.  it hasn't been warm enough until recently and this time last year he was only a mere 6 months old.  to see him wander in right up to his chest and fall in love with the ocean was the heartmelting treat i needed.  seeing him get right in there with his older siblings and watch as they both rush to his side to help him is definitely the greatest reward i could ask for!  NO FIGHTING for one beautiful evening was all i needed.

for anyone interested in Booking one of these Beach Sessions, hit me up at my Contact page and we'll get you some beauties to frame and share!