Baby Shower for Thomas

Caela + Brian.  I would have never thought that first interview where I first met Caela would have taken us this far and that we would have become sister-friends.  They are expecting their first baby come June 8 and just had their baby shower last weekend.  And because this is their first baby and because Caela is a mega planner and someone who appreciates all things beautiful (and black and white...), the Baby Shower would obviously be Pinterest-worthy.  A few photos of the details.

Decor Dani Lazic
Cake Butter Baked Goods
Cookies Sara Sweet Smiles

Hastie 34 | A Collect + Cultivate Party

Nothing kicks off the anticipation and excitement of the coming summer like a party at The Farm.  We had a party to celebrate Mike's Birthday, organized and hosted by his fabulous earth-mother wife, Emily of Collect + Cultivate.  There isn't really much to say other than IT WAS PERFECT.  The weather was gorgeous, we had an abundance of delicious homemade food and drinks, a skateboarding ramp, multiple forms of entertainment for the kids (trampoline, playhouse, OPEN SPACE TO RUN AROUND), the firepit, and late night churros... 

A few faves from our fantastic evening

Happy Birthday Mike!

Thank you to Em for hosting yet another incredible party!


Eat Drink Love in Mexico: THE WEDDING

Woke up in my room to a beautiful view.  I took one more stroll around ICON before The Stones dropped me off at the Walmart bus station.  I arrived just in time and found a seat before it got packed.  The bus ride to Sayulita was about an hour, pushing through town traffic before continuing through a more rural route.  A pair of buskers climbed on with guitars and did a rad version of Proud Mary, the ballad in Spanish followed by the wild head shaking portion in English.  The boy had the high voice, the girl had the low voice.  It was pretty cool and I wish I had taken a photo or video, but the bus was crammed and I didn't want to be THAT tourist.

There had been some confusion between texts with Jade prior to my departure.  Technically there was an hour time difference between PV and Sayulita, but our clocks were possibly not in sync.  Anyway, by the time I had arrived there was nobody to pick me up from the station.  No problem. ADVENTURE TIME.  I walked into town and with the itinerary map I had created and was soon put in the quickest direction to the wedding party's headquarters by one of the kind locals.  I came to a crossroads and must have stuck out like a sore thumb as being lost.  I was quickly approached by two generous ladies and their dog who were out puttering around in their golf cart, they kindly offered to help me out.  We got lucky as hell.  The driver managed to figure out which way we were going, but the golf cart's battery died halfway up the winding hill.  I left my baggage with their dead cart and ran up the rest of the way to see if it was indeed wedding headquarters or if I was royally screwed.  After some yelling, a head popped out of the 3rd floor balcony and confirmed I was saved!  I skibbled back down the cobbled path, thanked my tour guides (and tried to pay them off…), and broke a mean sweat hauling my camera bag and roller luggage back up the hill.

Just as I arrived at the front gate, another golf cart pulled up behind me with the videographers, Tomasz and Brian, with whom I would very quickly fall in love.  Super friendly, laid back, and respecting of my shameless showering in full view of people I have never met.  I said HELLO to the girls and fell in love just as quickly with the photographer, Jen.  Sweetest lady with no guard up, easy going, flowing in and out, and really just another one of the girls.  When the fussing was finally over, I jumped into the back of a golf cart with Mr Barcelon, Tomasz and Jen in front.  I don't know how these golf carts don't have a better reputation considering their crazy ability to blast and climb through cobbled streets and up gnarly hills.  I would compare it to riding the Wild Mouse roller coaster at Playland, super sketchy yet super fun.

And I think the wedding speaks for itself…  I cried so many many times.  It was such a gift to be able to witness a wedding with so many raw feelings from people I have known since I was a child.  Sometimes I have to wonder if these post-children weddings are a little more real, because the stuff you gotta push through with kids is definitely a true test of what your relationship is made of!  I remembered to make and pack my own place card which was perfectly located at THE PARTY table.  I only found out that the crazy guy I was sitting beside is the cousin of one of my BFFS, Caela.  Wish I had known so I could have given him a harder time.  The night was filled with tequila shots, margaritas, more tequila shots, limbo, and more tequila shots until they finally rolled out the Taco and Churro Bar.  Notable songs: Mariah Carey's Fantasy and Boyz II Men's I"ll Make Love to You.  Thank you Dorothy, thank you...


Fully Gallery Here

Thank you to Jen + Hugh and Tomasz + Brian for your kindness, encouragement and tips allowing me to shoot throughout this incredible day.

Rob + Jade
on making your love official and allowing me to be part of your breathtaking tear-jerking drunk in  love wedding.  i still can't believe 2 of my favourite people from so very long ago have found their happiness in one another.  i love you and your little family so very very much and feel so blessed to be part of your lives.


The Humanagans - Salt Spring Island Wedding

Better late than never, my photographic contribution to The Humanagan Wedding!  I've been friends with Kate-Lynn or KLF since 2008, our friendship blossomed and it's been a wild ride ever since.  She and Miles met just before I gave birth to my firstborn, Moses, I've loved him from the first day they came to visit our new guy.  I gotta say, loving the person that is marrying one of your closest and most favourite friends is definitely right up there as one of THE BEST FEELINGS in life.  We ferried over to Salt Spring to celebrate their big day...

The Humanagans

love you guys to the moon and back