Coral and Cloud

Trying to keep the momentum going with a few projects from 2016!

Last summer, I joined forces with local Vancouverite and Mompreneur Miko from Coral and Cloud to shoot her Fall Line of modern geometric handpainted jewellry.  The afternoon session included portraits of kids with the new line for the store portion of her website, delicious carrot and cream cheese tea sammiches and some fun candid shots for good measure.  Though the majority of customers are girls or on the behalf of girls, Miko mentioned that a handful of boys really loved her playful colourful pieces which obviously meant I had to pull in Momo to help showcase on behalf of the boys!  Here are a few samples of our collaborative work from last Fall...


Endless colour combinations mean there is not just a necklace for everyone, but multiple necklaces to suit every outfit and outlook of the day!  In addition to the her Doll series, Miko's also got some sweet chunky pieces for adults and some adorable AF pandas on the go right now... Current goodies brewing are for Valentine's Day which means if you are reading this, you are ahead of the game on finding a cute gift handmade for Valentine's Day and supporting one of the sweetest Mamas in Vancity!  Head over to CORALANDCLOUD on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for the latest news!



dress stands for joanna delaney

Let's take a break from me to share a little bit of the creative work by my husband.  This is the latest commission he has taken on for yet another very talented creative, Joanna Delaney of Joanna Delaney Design + Dressmaking.  This woman has been a reckoning force, creating some of the most heart-stopping lace wedding dresses out of her tiny South Granville apartment for the past couple of years.  She has just recently moved studios which required some clean modern dress stands to display her work.

Very excited to see these in action!

Portrait Session with Coco Cake!

JOY OF JOYS!!!!!  My dear friend, Lyndsay, Queen of Coco Cake Land, received her last of her 17 Herceptin IV Treatments at the Cancer Agency last week!  It was heartbreaking to watch this wild spirit be kicked down so hard, but you can bet she fought back as hard as she could.  In her lowest of lows, whether feeling physically ill from treatments or feeling insecure and vulnerable in appearance after shaving her long dark locks, she wrote honestly about her experience complete with her hilarious sense of humour.  And if you don't already follow her, she also kept up this silly cake business...  As a creative soul, this doesn't surprise me.  Now, at the end of what has been a nightmare of a year, things are looking up.  She made this cake in celebration of her freedom and wrote a beautiful entry to go with it which you can find HERE.

Lyndsay called on me last month for some new headshots and decking-the-cake shots.  As usual, we had a fun time joking around as we moved from room to room, trying out different ideas.  I feel so humbled and undeserving to be called on by such an amazing person whom I idolize in an entirely new way.  Not only was she born a super cool dude, but she is now one badass mutha after this last year and a half of living with cancer.  Lyndsay you are truly one-of-a-kind.  Aside from your effortlessly cool style, your sense of humour always has me doubled over and plays perfectly into your creative work, you are so very kind and generous, and you have a mouth almost as bad as my own.  (I also feel like we are perhaps drawn to one another by our love of bright crazy lipsticks and blunt bangs... maybe?)  Thank you for being you.  It is so good to have you back and I absolutely can not wait to see what you've got up your sleeve for us!


Any Day Now Birth Services

It's Spring!  As the days get longer warmer and nature is emerging from the long Winter cold with a fierce vengeance, so, too, are many of us emerging with renewed energy to bring forth life to our dreams.  I've got my hand in a bunch of new projects at the moment, all which I am very very excited for!  There is really nothing more fun and fulfilling than working hand in hand with inspiring women who really get you.  One lady I am particularly excited to work with is my new lady friend, Sarah Dexter, of Any Day Now Birth Services.  We are currently revamping her website and had a fantastic photoshoot in her new workspace last week, documenting a few of the lovingly hand-made items that she includes in her post-partum Bundle of Joy packages.  Just a few sneaks here from that shoot...

CHEERS to collabing with inspirational Mamas!
More exciting things to come!