Art Club | Summer Edition: Week 2

Week 2's projects included Windchimes and Indigo!  The windchimes were a new project that we brought on board.  In choosing our materials, the aim is to use pre-existing materials that can be recycled or natural materials that will leave a smaller footprint.  We used a variety of wood in addition to bamboo from the bamboo grove here at School House Farm.  The kids painted the top piece white and chose from a variety of patterns (including splatter painting) painted in black.  A colour pattern of Beads were added to their centre string before the task of tying began.  It was definitely more labourious than I had expected, but everyone was very proud and pleased with their final product!

Indigo, as usual, was anticipatory, then really boring and smelly, and ended with sweet victory, excitement, and pride.


Art Club | Summer Edition: Week 1

We are in the second half of summer and filling our weeks up with Art Club sessions!  Emily has been so kind as to host these fun creative adventures at School House Farm, providing a beautifully inspiring and open space for our energetic artists.  The week kicked off with Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvasses, followed by our Gift Wrap session, and ending with Indigo.   I was really excited for the new Gift Wrapping session (I'm probably going to renamed it That's A Wrap because I'm just into fun names for things...) which turned out super fantastic!!!  I will definitely have to get my hands on a few more Pom Pom makers as those were definitely a favourite by far.  The Acrylic Painting always puts me on edge because of the permanence and all the accidental squeezing too much paint or possible end game of BROWN FROM MIXING ALL THE COLOURS, but as you will see, they all turned out uniquely awesome in every way.  Indigo was indigo, a lot of impatience and aversion to the smell, but inevitably always worth the end product!

Wallis Evera Spring 2017

I had such a ball creating these images with Isabella (model) and Monique of Wallis Evera for her 2017 Spring Collection.  The bright sunny yellow was so playful and yet maintained a flexibility working with both the conservative styles and the more free spirited styles.  I absolutely thrilled and with the way these images turned out!

A few select favourites that you can find up at


Art Club 2017 Wrap Up!

I can't tell you how crazy it is to direct these classes and try to get some good shots at the same time!  I managed to get a few here and there, mostly the second week when I was feeling a little more comfortable and in my groove.  Will try to create a larger gallery under our Art Club section, but in the meantime, here are some snippets from Art Club 2017!

A massive thank you to everyone who participated and my sincerest apologies to those I had to turn away for lack of space!  I am definitely planning to host more classes in the coming months including some for adults as well.  I am so thrilled with the amount of response I received this year and equally stoked on how all the projects turned out.  I love love love observing the unique perspectives and talents from young creatives and it is such a gift to see how proud they are of their work in the end.  Thank You to everyone!  I look forward to seeing your faces and many new ones with the warmer weather!

xo Phanie