The Pauhaus
 [ðə ˈpaʊˌhaʊs] [pah-hoss]

1.  Inspired by The Bauhaus movement, The Pauhaus doesn't restrict itself to a single medium.

2.  An aesthetic that is clean and modern; playful and inspired.

3.  Finding beauty everywhere and (making room for beauty) every day. 

4.  The belief that thoughtful, elegant design is for everybody


It all started when…

Evangeline gave birth to the second of her three children, Me, a female baby whom she would name Stephanie.

I was born with the creativity gene. Not the math gene nor the organized gene, not the punctual gene nor the thick-skinned gene; no, I was born with a mix of the ultra-sensitive gene and perverted humour gene, coated in a thick layer of nurturing empath gene and sprinkled with the giving too many fucks gene.

I am thankful for my creative gene because without it, I don’t know how I would ever satisfy my constant need for self-expression. In fact, I am the definition of, nay, the poster child for the term All The Feels. Whether it is through photos, drawings, paintings, writing, storytelling on IG stories, or papers cut up and thrown randomly in place, my passion has always been to express the full range of human emotions and the human condition. What we create and what we express is who we are, an attempt to turn the intangible into tangible, an attempt to show the world our true colours. And in turn, to look at our creations and love them for better or for worse, to look at ourselves and love ourselves for better or for worse.


1.  A Cancerian Left-Handed Middle Child

2.  A Night Owl.  The Creative Juices typically start running after 9pm - 10pm

3.  Wes Andersen

4.  London Fogs / Whiskey / Tequila

5.  Old School Rap / 60's Oldies

6.  Peonies.  Gradations of pink

7. 70% Dark Chocolate  

8.  Le Labo Thé Noir 29

9.  Lipstick Fanatic

10.  Total Foodie