Wren Verona: 3 Months

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Wren was days old when we first met up with her back in July.  Over the past 3 months, she has plumped right up and begun to share her sweet smile with the rest of the world.

If this isn't the spitting image of her mother, I don't know what is
SUCH and Ashley face you are pulling right now, Little Wren

Happy 3 months to Mama + Baby

You are doing an amazing job Ash!


Baby Bowen

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It's baby season in my circle of friends!  I was so close to the finish line as Moses just started Kindergarten with Chloe to follow next year and now, I, too, have one last little bun baking in my oven.  Holding these fresh tiny babies feels brand new as it's been so long since Chloe was this small!  I am frightened for how I will re-learn and re-adapt to this phase of motherhood, but my heart who knows all too well just how quickly time passes, is eager to cradle another delicate and precious little life in my arms one last time.

Congrats to Jess + Jared on their newest bundle of joy and trouble!  


"These days, these days I seem to think a lot
About the things that I forgot to do, and all the times I had the chance to"

-Nico Case



2014 Harvest Festival

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October is here and Fall is in full swing with Thanksgiving around the corner this weekend!  The Annual Harvest Festival here in Ladner celebrated its second year running a few weeks ago after 2013's successful first year.  The Delta Firefighter's Charitable Society held its fundraiser at Greystone Stables, inviting the community to celebrate the harvest season while raising money for local charities and organizations in need


I had only heard about last year's Festival and was so excited when I was hired on to capture the evening's festivities.  Guests signed in at the front and were greeted by handsome firefighter's serving appetizers.  There were many ways of helping to raise money including a 50/50 draw, a Silent Auction, a mini Casino and mechanical bull!  

Gigglebooth's hilarious photo booth provided additional entertainment 

It's confirmed.  Next year when i am no longer pregnant, I will be giving this bull a ride!

The Joe Fernandes band played country tunes all night while guests danced

Can't wait for next year's fundraiser!

to view the Full Gallery of photos from the evening!

For more information including sponsors and beneficiaries visit




Beach Bump with Lindsay Elliott

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There is a baby inside of me .  My third delicious pie-to-be, baking to perfection within the confines of my body and soul.  There is so much mystery surrounding a pregnancy, so many curiosities and questions that feel like they will never be answered...  

And then they arrive.  A few weeks early or a few days late, they finally arrive.  They take in their first breath of air and proceed to try out their tiny little lungs.  

I'm stuck in the mystery.  I look at Moses and Chloe, 5 and 4, and feel like I have known them my whole life.  Their personalities, once a tightly wrapped up present, now so obvious and fitting.  Their physical attributes that continue to gradually morph as they grow older year after year now make me wonder even more what will this third one look like?!!!  It's a little different with interracial kids because the range is much broader.  The gradations of skin tone to the possibility of black hair, Moses' thick dark mousy brown mop, or Chloe's borderline blonde loose tresses… the possibilities are endless!

I vowed that if I had a third child that I would take tonnes of photos since I hardly have any at all with my first 2 pregnancies.  I have kept that promise, even if it is me posing on my bed in front of my mirror while one of the kids stands and repeatedly presses the camera button.  I had my first maternity session over the weekend with my good friend and talented photographer Lindsay Elliott.  It was a bit of a collab.  I sent photos of ideas I was hoping to get as well as scoping out the light at different locations out here at Centennial beach.  She got everything I wanted.

One of the ideas I had was to be right in the water wearing some sort of loose and sheer drapery.  I was over the moon when my girlfriend and talented seamstress Joanna Delaney offered to help me out with putting something together in between her busy schedule of wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses.

So thankful that after a few days of rain, the afternoon's hot sun managed to warm the water up to a very pleasant temperature!  

I love this.  

Oh, Little One, who will you turn out to be?

Sometimes I wish I were more academic rather than creative, but on days like this where I can collaborate with other like-minded creators and talents, I know I got the better deal.

Alright.  It is off to bed with me and this belly...





Love on The Bluff

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There really are no words needed for this sweet little family session, though I will offer a little bit of background history:

I received a surprise email from Christy last week inquiring about family photos with her three handsome boys.  The last time we saw one another was back in 2001 when we graduated from LFA!  13 years later, she has found herself in love with Sunny Tsawwassen and just happened to spot me in our local rag.  13 years later she looks as beautiful as she did back in high school with a beautiful family to match...

The most perfect little family!