Halfmoon Bay

It was Sarah's Birthday 2 weeks ago and 15 of us joined her for a weekend Birthday Bash and Sisterhood Retreat on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  In addition to her Doula work (Any Day Now Birth Services), Sarah also holds retreats through Sacred Living Canada.  This weekend was a great opportunity to experience first hand the services she offers those wanting to dig a little deeper, surrender to finding their truth, and to connect with others on a similar path.  Her good friend, also Sara, drove in from Portand with her 6 month son, Indigo, to help in hosting the weekend retreat.  The majority of the crowd were friends and locals from Tsawwassen with a few more ladies from the Lower Mainland, so for the most part I felt very comfortable.  

It has been a year since Sarah decided to expand beyond her retreats and offer a safe space to her friends and locals in the form of the Full Moon Circle in the comfort of her home.  We have been meeting every few months to connect with the friends/women in our community, set intentions, eat snacks, drink wine and pull some cards for guidance.  I can not thank her enough for opening her home, love and services to us as we have all reaped the benefits in immeasurable ways.  Creating a safe space to be vulnerable, to share our struggles, to speak our truths and take on the challenge of personal growth is greatly lacking in our society and communities.  This circle has done wonders for myself and the women I have met over the past year.  It was a no brainer for many of us when she announced she would be hosting this weekend birthday/retreat/getaway months in advance, we all wanted in. 

The property is incredible.  An expansive 3 storey home stands on the top of the bluff with stairs leading down to a cozy waterfront cabin.  The peace and quiet was a perfect antidote to the constant noise of 3 children in 1500 square feet.  The ocean and the surrounding nature was the perfect environment for reflection and resetting.  Despite the cold weather we have been enduring this winter, the weekend was surprisingly mild; even the ocean itself wasn't as icy as I expected when I joined Fannie + Molly in an early morning skinny dip in celebration of Fannie's 40th. 

With the majority of the group being mothers, the meals were impeccably pre-planned and outrageously deliciously healthy (and largely vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free).  For 4 days, children's complaints were replaced with brimming adult gratitude and relief to sit down uninterrupted with hot food.  Everyone happily contributed which made everything so quick and easy, from all the tidying and dishes to taking shifts playing with Indigo so Sara could get a few breaks.  We were seriuosly nourished body, mind, heart and soul!

Each day began with a breakfast spread by Khara including (literally homemade everything) oatmeal, granola, almond or cashew milk, boiled eggs, and choice of fresh smoothie, switchel and cofee/tea.  We would meet in the yurt for our first circle which was followed by a creative activity hosted by one of the attendees.  Lunch would commence with some free time to walk/run the beach, hit the hot tub/sauna, do some journaling, or have a heart to heart in a beautiful corner of the property.  Sometimes a second circle would be planned, but since this was also a time for many of us to decompress the schedule was flexible.  Another delicious meal was communally prepared accompanied with many bottles of wine, including a wine tasting Saturday night hosted by Sarah's sister, Emily.

It was an unforgettable weekend and I think my favourite part was meeting new faces and connecting with others that have only been acquaintances up until this point.  That and gorging myself on all the food and snacks...

There are so many more photos, I tried my best to keep it down... Enjoy!


Thank you Sarah + Sara for hosting this wonderful weekend retreat.  You are making a huge difference with your work, inspiring openness and courage in all of us to strive to be our highest selves and to find meaningful connections with those around us.

Coral and Cloud

Trying to keep the momentum going with a few projects from 2016!

Last summer, I joined forces with local Vancouverite and Mompreneur Miko from Coral and Cloud to shoot her Fall Line of modern geometric handpainted jewellry.  The afternoon session included portraits of kids with the new line for the store portion of her website, delicious carrot and cream cheese tea sammiches and some fun candid shots for good measure.  Though the majority of customers are girls or on the behalf of girls, Miko mentioned that a handful of boys really loved her playful colourful pieces which obviously meant I had to pull in Momo to help showcase on behalf of the boys!  Here are a few samples of our collaborative work from last Fall...


Endless colour combinations mean there is not just a necklace for everyone, but multiple necklaces to suit every outfit and outlook of the day!  In addition to the her Doll series, Miko's also got some sweet chunky pieces for adults and some adorable AF pandas on the go right now... Current goodies brewing are for Valentine's Day which means if you are reading this, you are ahead of the game on finding a cute gift handmade for Valentine's Day and supporting one of the sweetest Mamas in Vancity!  Head over to CORALANDCLOUD on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for the latest news!



Two Girls One Goa

Not to shabby of a timeline to get my India photos up here to share!  Well done, Stephanie, well done.
A small collection to buzz through here...

after hours of flying, we land in Goa
with taxi windows down we take in our first breaths of Indian air on our way to Afonso House


Chapel of St Sebastian in the Fontainhas hood of Panjim
down the street from our guest house

friends who love and live for tea

quick stroll around the neighbourhood
we accidentally take a 5 hour nap and wake up to darkness, just in time to find dinner

headed south to Agonda Beach for a day trip
the drive was 1.5 hours and i was having a hard time breathing in all the pollution

Agonda Beach

Drove my first scooter about 30 minutes further south to take a peek at the recommended Palolem Beach
much busier and less quiet, happy that we booked our place in Agonda for the night

Our sweet little hut for the night at Agonda White Sand

early morning on the beach with the cows
this beach was so beautiful, I would absolutely recommend visiting Agonda

back in Panaji for one last night

Catholic shrines on every corner

Spice Farm on our way up North to Mandrem to meet the wedding party
henna from shopkeeper Kumari in Agonda

Native to Goa, India, this spirit is distilled from the Cashew Fruit

Basilica of Bom Jesus
St Francis Xavier has been in his coffin here since the 1500's
...or so they say....

Riva Beach Resort, Mandrem
after a day of sight-seeing and a lot of driving, we arrive in North Goa

group walk to the market


the beautiful bride and groom

fireworks and lantern releasing

i decided to not bring my camera along on what ended up being my favourite day in Goa
perhaps the universe meant for me to savour it instead of attempt to capture it

... now that you've reached the bottom, feel free to check out the entire Gallery HERE!




Holiday 2016 Crew

Thank you for your patience!  We are into 2017 and I'm months behind on updating here.  The tail-end of 2016 was the hardest and longest stretch but it's over and I feel terrific for all the challenges I was able to take on and the experiences I opened myself to.  As is my custom, sending warm wishes of love and happiness and success to everyone who participated in our Holiday Sessions!  A few quick favourites...


Thank you for a fabulous 2016!


I can't even wrap my head around it because we haven't even hit Halloween yet, but it's that time again!  I'm heading off for a 2 week adventure to Goa, India with Lindsay Elliott to photograph my cousin's wedding!  To be fair, I may have put this announcement off for another week or two, but since I'll be away, I figured I better get myself organized in advance!

I have a good list of keeners booked already, so hurry to get a spot!   If you are new to The Pauhaus, check out a sample of past Holiday Sessions !


$325 Includes
30 Minute Session*
10 Final Digital Images (5x7 Print Resolution)
25 5x7 Custom Design Postcards on Art Linen Paper, Envelopes Included

$250 Includes
30 Minute Session*
10 Final Digital Images (5x7 Print Resolution)

*20 Minute Shoot, 10 Minutes to Choose your Final Images