The Pauhaus
 [ðə ˈpaʊˌhaʊs] [pah-hoss]

1.  Inspired by The Bauhaus movement, The Pauhaus doesn't restrict itself to a single medium.

2.  An aesthetic that is clean and modern; playful and inspired.

3.  Finding beauty everywhere and (making room for beauty) every day. 

4.  The belief that thoughtful, elegant design is for everybody



Hello!  My is Stephanie.
I am a Jane of all trades: an artist, photographer, graphic designer, illustrator and an avid DIY craftster lady.  I earned my BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in the Spring of 2007, just before getting hitched in August to my quick-witted talented partner, Kevin.  We celebrated a 50's inspired wedding at the Contemporary Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver followed by a New Year's honeymoon in Cuba.  Nine months later, we began growing our family which now includes 3 fun-loving spirited children: Moses, Chloe, and Malcolm.  Turning in my desk job for motherhood, I was granted the opportunity to explore many creative avenues including a deeper love for photography.  Inspired by the joys and uncertainty of this life, my photographs aim to honour the very quiet and very loud everyday moments that we often take for granted.   

 Photo Credit   Jayme Anne Photography


1.  A Cancerian Left-Handed Middle Child

2.  A Night Owl.  The Creative Juices typically start running after 9pm - 10pm

3.  Le Labo Thé Noir 29

4.  Old School Rap for chores / 60's Oldies for dancing

5.  Fantasy Celebrity Parents: Gwen Stefani + Wes Anderson

6.  Candle: Cannabis Santal by f r e s h 

7.  Peonies.  Gradations of pink

8.  Lipstick: Wild Child by Ilia

9.  70% Dark Chocolate

10.  London Fogs