The Pauhaus
 [ðə ˈpaʊˌhaʊs] [pah-hoss]

1.  Inspired by The Bauhaus movement, The Pauhaus doesn't restrict itself to a single medium.

2.  An aesthetic that is clean and modern; playful and inspired.

3.  Finding beauty everywhere and (making room for beauty) every day. 

4.  The belief that thoughtful, elegant design is for everybody



Hello!  My name is Stephanie.

I am a Jane of all trades: an artist, photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, an avid DIY craftster lady and generally creative individual. I love to play and explore. Having a variety of media to pull from means more ways I am able to express myself, more solutions to a project, and more ways I can share those things with others!

I earned my BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in the Spring of 2007 and got hitched later that August to my high school sweetheart, Kevin. We celebrated a 50's inspired wedding at the Contemporary Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver followed by a New Year's honeymoon in Cuba.  Nine months later, we began growing our family which now includes 3 mini humans: Moses, Chloe, and Malcolm.  We make a great team.

Turning in my desk job for motherhood, I was granted the opportunity to explore many creative avenues including a deeper love for photography. Considering my long appreciation for photography and having always taken photography classes in high school and post-secondary, I never once considered becoming a photographer. I just loved taking photos. After a few years of documenting and blogging early motherhood, I was asked to take family photos for a friend and the rest is history. It has been my focus among the smaller design, illustration, painting projects.

In the last few years, I ventured into new territory: I expanded my services to include Kids Art Classes... and I am loving them.  These classes offer me more "play" time and variety.  I get to access and engage with different skills while slowing my pace and switching my adult lens to a kid’s lens.  The beauty of that untouched perspective is pure gold for many of us adults who have been ruined by rules and the need to control.  It many ways, these kids are teaching me as much as I am teaching them. I have attempted to squeeze a few adult Workshops into the mix, but as you can probably tell, there is quite a lot already going on!

Upon graduation 2007, I felt lost with my degree in General Fine Arts. I wondered if perhaps it would have been more beneficial to specialize or if I should have chosen something more "practical".  A decade later, I have come to realize that I following my gut was the right thing to do.  It is clear that I thrive on variety.  I am now able to embrace this and I feel so grateful for my multi-disciplinary practice. 

I am always open to new ideas, offering creative services, and collaborating, so please get in touch with me!


 Photo Credit   Jayme Anne Photography


1.  A Cancerian Left-Handed Middle Child

2.  A Night Owl.  The Creative Juices typically start running after 9pm - 10pm

3.  Fantasy Celebrity Parents: Gwen Stefani + Wes Anderson

4.  Candle: Fresh Morning by HARLOW

5.  London Fogs / Whiskey / Tequila

6.  Old School Rap / 60's Oldies

7.  Peonies.  Gradations of pink

8.  70% Dark Chocolate

9.  Le Labo Thé Noir 29

10.  Lipstick Fanatic