that's a wrap!

Monday March 19th
Age 6+

This is a fun project that incorporates a variety of techniques and mediums. In this class, kids will learn to create their own wrapping paper with stamps, handpainted ribbons, handmade pompoms, and gift tags with watercolour and letter stamps.



Tuesday March 20th
Age 6+

You know how all those colouring books are being pushed as a visual meditation practice?   My favourite thing about Weaving is how much it provides that same meditative aspect!  Using a variety of yarn textures and colours, kids will learn basic weaving techniques to create a wall piece that is truly their own!


screenprint collab

Wednesday March 21st
Age 6+

Our newest addition to the Art Club roster!  In this simple introduction to the screen printing process, the class will be split into 2-3 groups where they will work together to create a collaborative image.  Each child will come home with an original copy of the collaborative piece.


self-portrait collage

Thursday March 22nd
Age 4+

This Step by Step project is a great way to see your child's growth from year to year.  The project begins with a list of questions about your child (age, family members, favourite things, etc) with the answers being represented by different mediums and signifiers.  At first glance, the mixed media collage might seem somewhat abstract and random, when in fact, each piece of the picture has meaning!  (Yes, you will receive the Answer Key just in case you forget!)



Monday March 26th
10am-Noon / 1-3pm
Age 6+

Everyone's favourite Magical Beasts!  This super fun multi-media project incorporates watercolour, yarn, and shiny details to create the glorious Unicorn you've always wanted!  

Due to high demand, we have opened a second afternoon class!  Be sure to choose UNICORN AFTERNOON when booking!


DIY hand bowl

Tuesday March 27th
Age 6+

We're gonna get our hands into some clay to make some super cute hand shaped bowls!  Maybe add some palmistry details, a cool pattern or just a manicure in your favourite colour?  Anything goes when you make it your own!  We will also be making a few fun accessories to wear and display in our new bowls!


mini matisse

Wednesday March 28th
Age 4-6

In this class for younger creatives, we will be using our imaginations to come up with some crazy organic shapes to create a colourful and playful Matisse Masterpiece!  Not only does the piece display as banner that can be hung in their room (or anywhere they feel proud to display), but with the ability to rearrange and add new pieces, children have the freedom to (re)create a new design whenever they feel inspired to switch things up!



Thursday March 29th
Age 6+

The ancient + mystical process of indigo dyeing lives on! Kids will be pushed to the edge of patience (muwahaha) as they work tirelessly to produce a beautifully unique scarf or wall hanging they can be truly proud of.