square one
AGES 4-6

through a series of small projects and fun exercises, kids will learn the basics of colour and composition and take their first steps towards tapping into the creative process.

projects will often be inspired by a story and will include a variety of materials and mediums (paint, printmaking, charcoal, pastels .... ) to help kids explore textures, mark-making, and patterns.

the end goal is to loosen-up and open their minds to new ways of creating, to encourage an acceptance of imperfections, and to step back and see if perhaps an "oops" can be transformed into a "happy mistake".  please note that the intention of these sessions will not always be an end-product to be brought home, but multiple pieces that reflect their creative process.  

Kind Words

L really enjoyed herself and we would love to hear about any more classes coming in the future! Please let us know!
— S. Fast
Thank you for Art Week!!!! D just can’t get enough.
She loves you and came running up to me five mins ago saying “Can I go to your friend Stef’s house please”
— C. Walsh
Thank you so much for having N this week! She loved it and is asking when she can go again.

If you ever decide to do after-school art lessons or other camps I’d be interested.
— S. Dakiniewich



to all the kids and parents that participated in this super fun and creative adventure!