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First things First

First off, we're going with a wintery blue backdrop for this year's Holiday Sessions.  Going with a non-neutral backdrop means having to take a few colours into consideration.


08 DENIM 2.jpg
07 RULE TWO.jpg
RULE 3.jpg
10 PINK.jpg

That's it.  3 easy rules and a little caution for Pink.  I know, I know, rules are not fun but neither is being a floating head or a teary-eyed thick'n'slimy booger face.  So unless you are like me and might actually find it hilarious to send a crying photo to all your friends and relatives, please take these rules into consideration.  Alright!  With those rules out of the way, here we go!

03 BRIGHT.jpg
11 GLITTER.jpg
04 S IS FOR.jpg

A HUGE SHOUTOUT to Miranda & Ryan Crane, two very talented musicians and soon to be parents of TWO !  They have just launched an incredible line of clothing Whistle & Flute that they screen print themselves in their little home in Victoria BC.  I'm in love with the simple yet stylish graphics and text and can not wait for the rest of my order to arrive!    They have been selling like hotcakes so if you find yourself as in love as I am with their line, I would strongly advise you to get your orders in ASAP!

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12 T.jpg
14 PERFECT.jpg

So, those are the guidelines folks!  Looking forward to capturing you and your loved ones for the upcoming Holiday Season!