15 Minutes: Charlene & Karl

Doo doo doo, plugging along!  Just received the remaining orders of postcards from the first weekend of Holiday Sessions which means tomorrow is a PACKAGING DAY.  We had to reschedule one family on the Sunday due to a flu so I had a small pocket of time available between families.  My cousin Charlene from my mom's side of the family was another one of the few people that donated $200 to the Change Your Hair Change Your Life Fundraiser which landed her a 15 Minute session with The Pauhaus.

IMG_7362 web.jpg

SO appropriate that we got her in on these BLUE backed sessions since her favourite colour is blue and has been blue for as long as I have known her.  AND, it's her birthday party tomorrow which has been themed THE BLUE PARTY!  Nothing better than having some new photos to flaunt on ya berthdayyyy!!!

IMG_7375 web.jpg

Her partner Karl joined the fun and after getting her to laugh during a few portraits, he was brought into the picture for some quick couples shots! 

IMG_7460 web.jpg
IMG_7532 web.jpg


IMG_7415 web.jpg
IMG_7548 web.jpg

Two Outtakes.  
Left: "Do you like my new sweater?"
I asked Karl to hold up his sweater just to see how it would contrast against the backdrop

Right: "Whatever shall we have for dinner tonight?"
Charlene's contact fell out mid pose turning this shot into a much more artsy image

Thanks to both of you for making the treck all the way out to T-Town from your fast-paced city life!   And of course, a huge thank you to Char for supporting me and my family through the years.  Thank you for coming out to the fundraiser.   I truly appreciated the effort and kindness of every single person that was able to be there for such an important day.    

See you guys tomorrow night!