15 Minutes: The McLeod-Knight Crew

So if you are new to The Pauhaus, you may have missed out on our Fundraiser back in August: Change Your Hair, Change a Life.   I shaved my head!  The closest you could get to pure shiny skin after having a head of hair almost touching my bum.   It was the 10th Anniversary since my Dad passed from cancer and this was my way of remembering him and giving back.  With help from my friends Erin & Kerstyn from Our Little Flower Company and the many businesses that donated goods and services to our raffle, we raised over $3500!  Not too shabby!

I worked hand in hand with Tinykick who have Tokens of Gratitude on their site as a way of enticing and rewarding donators.  The Token for $200 was a 15 minute photo session and my good friends and neighbours Michelle, Jason and Ethan were one of the generous donators that gave $200!


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We have a serendipitous story with this family.  Our boys were born about 2 weeks apart in May 2009.  At the time, we were living in the Marpole neighbourhood of Vancouver... so we were they.... 2 doors down the hall from our tiny 500sq ft studio apartment.  Not even down the hall!  We were the two pieces of bread sandwiching a corner apartment suite, so I was literally 2.5 large steps to their door.  And yet, I never saw them!  Not for the 9 months we were pregnant, nor once the boys were born.  I think Kevin and Jason had their occasional run ins in the elevator, but for the first 3 months after our boys were born and before they moved away, nothing.  I heard Ethan crying occasionally when I was out in the hall coming or going but it never occurred to me to knock and connect.  WHY. 

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We moved to Tsawwassen 2 months after MJE had left their tiny Vancouver apartment.  In fact, when their place went up for sale, we went to view their place as we also needed out of our tiny studio.  It wasn't until the boys were 10 months that we finally came in contact with another... living in the same condo in Tsawwassen.  YES.  We moved to the same condo complex.  Chubby Moses was stuffing his face with a banana and using a walker when we met Michelle & Ethan in our amenities room for a meeting.  Michelle later told Jason about having met us and Jason pointed out that we were the same family that had lived two doors down from them back in Vancouver.  How he knew this?  Kevin's bright green 1950 Ford Customline in the parkade.  

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The boys have grown up together.  We've had tonnes of playdates, communal dinners, and outings over the past 3 years and they are now attending the same pre-school together.  It has been a pleasure to be able to share support with such a kind and fun-loving family throughout these early parenthood years.  If only we had knocked on one another's doors back when these little guys came into the world, we would have had it made!   Those long lonely days with a crying barfing infant, the first out of my friends and family with a baby at 25-26 were a challenge.  This is why the first thing I tell a newly pregnant person is to FIND FRIENDS THAT ARE PREGNANT NOW.  You need that support!  You will need that company!  End Rant.

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Oh well.  Clearly the stars knew we were meant to be friends, having given us another opportunity here in Tsawwassen!  Thank you guys for your generous donation to this cause and for being such wonderful friends!  Thank you for everything!