M&R Wedding Sneak Peek!

This summer is going to be over in seconds.  My pile of TO DO grows exponentially taller everyday and I'm struggling to keep on top of everything! 

The family and I just had the most wonderful mini vacation out in Pemberton this weekend!  Just passed Whistler at The Birken Lakeside Resort, we packed the Jetta, borrowed camping gear and prepared for our first family camping trip to shoot and celebrate the wedding of adorable goofballs, Mike & Ryan!  

I met Mike back in our art school days at Emily Carr.  I met Ryan, I believe when they were in the early stages of their relationship.  Actually, I'm pretty sure the first and last time I met Ryan was when Mike brought him over to a house party for my 23rd Super Hero themed birthday party...  I don't know how I remember that night, but I digress.  Since graduation in 2007, Mike and I have only remained friendly acquaintances over the Facebook; that is until they were seeking out a photographer for their wedding!  After following my blog and watching my photography take on a life of its own, it was agreed that my eye would be the one to capture this very memorable day!  I could not have been more excited and honored.  
The wedding took place in one of B.C.'s absolutely breathtaking spectacles of nature.  (Is that sentence even grammatically correct?)  The couple rented out an entire campsite for the guests right by a lake of clear cool water with a stunning glacier-topped mountain as its backdrop.  The second we arrived, I knew it was going to be a painful goodbye.

As it was mentioned by Ross, their amazing MC, not only was it just a day to celebrate Mike & Ryan's marriage, but that it was THIS day, July 8 2003, 10 years ago, that same-sex marriage was legalized in in British Columbia!   I can't believe it's been that long already!  Their wedding fell just two days before the 10th anniversary, making it both very fitting and worth mentioning for these two very sweet boys, so perfectly deserving of one another. 

The freedom to wed the one you love is a great freedom to celebrate.  

More photos to come...