EH! OH! LET'S GO!... Back to School in Style!

We've had a our first few bookings of the week and are super excited and looking forward to all the other lucky little personalities that will get to shine in this session!  


Composed another display this afternoon to showcase how sweet and lovely these look as a part of your home decor and wall art.  You're never going to stop loving these and it will probably be one of your all time favourite pieces well into your old age.  You might have to fight your child for it as they get older and attached... and older and more attached... and have kids of their own that they will want to share it with and for their child(ren) to remember and show their children (You see that?  I just gave you Great Grandchildren!) .  
Such a tiny investment for something so special...
(HA! And YOU thought these were just some school portraits!)



$80 Includes
20 Minute Session
Choice of Bright White or Thunder Grey Backdrop
1  8 x 10 Print with 2 Headshots & 2 Bodyshots as Displayed, Ready to be Framed*
8  2.5" x 3.5"  Wallet Prints for Mum & Dad to keep in their wallet, framed at work, and to share with Family & Friends

 $10 Discount for multiple siblings

  *Frame and Framing Services available upon request  for an Additional $25
 * *Additional Prints and Wallets available a la carte
WHEN:  Saturday September 21    1:00PM - 6:00PM
WHERE:  18th & 56th in Tsawwassen.  Either at my home or in our Amenities Room
For questions or to book your session, please CLICK HERE for our Contact page!