Flower Girl

Chloe is going to be a flower girl this summer.  Her first gig was almost 2 years ago, but she was so young she no longer remembers.  The wonderful thing about these two gigs is that they were not for weddings within family, but weddings for two girlfriends that have really been a really huge part of my life, especially since I we started our little family.

18 month old chloe at Renée + Matt's wedding.  Half her life ago!

Caela + Brian will be getting married in August.  Caela was the 17 year old girl that interviewed me for a receptionist position at Westbank back in 2008.  We eventually became friends.  Like many of my most favourite people, she also really enjoys food.  She planned my baby shower at work and has been spoiling both my kids ever since.  5 years later, my 3 year old baby girl is going to look so heartbreakingly beautiful in this ballerina-inspired flower girl ensemble.  

These tutus will all be handmade by Caela.  This was the tester.  She did an amazing job.

As you can tell, Chloe totally adores the gratuitous amount of soft, long, fluffy tulle.

There is a good chance I will be printing a copy of this one

Chloe receive her first dye job on Wednesday from my good friend Taryn.  She did the tips of her daughter's hair and upon seeing the smoky deep magenta in Hanna's tight blonde curls, I immediately requested to have Chloe's ends done.  It should fully wash out in about 3 weeks.  She loves it, but probably not as much as I do.  With the blackest black hair, I never had the desire to suffer through maintaining bleached/dyed hair.

I LOVE THIS PHOTO.  This was the first tutu Caela made.  Although the colour is drop-dead gorgeous, it was too intense for what she was going for.  Fantastic!  Now we have the prettiest tutu ever to add to our collection!

I love this girl.  LOVE HER.