Beach Bump with Alvaro, Stephanie + Emilia

It was a sunny afternoon when my cousin Nik introduced me to Stephanie at The Beach Grove Cafe here in Sunny Tsawwassen.  It was 2010 when our bellies met, Stephanie pregnant with her first, Emilia, and I pregnant with my second.  We drove into Vancouver on Saturdays to attend Prenatal Yoga and 4 years later here we are with our daughters in the same dance class and once again... both pregnant!  She is due in two weeks and I am 9 months behind her.  We seized the beautiful sunny weather and headed to Centennial Beach for an evening Family Session.  

These last days as a trio are coming to a close and, soon, will be nothing more than a distant memory.  As my family will soon grow from 4 to 5, it was a beautifully surreal experience to capture some memories of their last days as a family of 3.  As difficult as it is to imagine what the mysterious little newcomer will bring to the family, it quickly becomes just as difficult to imagine your family living without this tiny new life.