Easter Fun

This year is a milestone.  Everything that happens this year is going to be memorable because everything that happens will take place 1. with Malcolm and 2. at our new home.  For our first Easter at our new home we dyed eggs!  We did it a few years ago but the kids were much younger and do not remember doing them.

They turned out absolutely amazing and were so fun and easy to photograph with their vibrant hues and textures.  I feel like we might just start doing egg dyeing as a year round fun-thing-to-do so that by next Easter we will be pros.


I couldn't help myself

My mom came over for dinner on Holy Saturday.  Moving has brought many exciting things to the table.  One of those things is experiencing the natural light of the neighbourhood and of our property as we have been cutting and clearing the 20 years of trees and shrubs that had been neglected by the precious owners.  The other exciting thing is seeing the plants and trees come to life with the arrival of Spring.  We have cherry blossoms lining our street, plus two magnolia trees (one white and one purple) and a giant pink dogwood.  

We could not have asked for a better neighbourhood.  The kids have learned to ride their bikes in our cul de sac where a handful other young families are living.  We were invited to partake in their annual Easter Egg hunt which started at 7:30AM!  I was overjoyed and said we would as long as we were awake that early.  The 2 Fathers head out around 5-5:30am to hide these eggs to make sure animal don't get them first throughout the night.  A deserve a huge applause for that sort of dedication!  Hot coffees in hand, they take in the annual excitement as the morning light creeps up through the trees.


It is a beautiful life!

Like I said, it's going to be a memorable year for us!