Alex + Sarita

I had so much fun shooting this adorable pair of human beings!!!  The internet has gifted me with some of the coolest friendships, including this beautiful goofball of sunshine, Miss Sarita. These friendships are exciting and mysterious, falling in love with people you have never met in person but feel like you know so well after months of connection and laughter.  It's cool to physically meet them and feel the presence of that same spirit you have connected with just through photos and words.  I gotta say, I was really stoked when Sarita asked me to photograph her with her long-distance beau, Alex, who was visiting Vancity for their one year anniversary.  Up until this point, these intimate sessions have been exclusively family, young parents, or occasionally newlyweds.  This was my first time shooting a couple still fresh in their relationship, full of all that honeymoon goodness, and it was so deliciously fun!  We met in my old stompy grounds of Mount Pleasant, the area of my young and stupid days, drinking more than sleeping days, barely considering consequences days of yore... It is always a bittersweet visit but I was distractedly excited for this session as we would be meeting specifically at the new Andy Dixon mural that went up this summer for the mural festival.  If you don't know Andy Dixon, do yourself a favour and check out his work and join the rest of us in being obsessed HA!  We got in trouble trying to climb a building to get some shots and I laughed as Sarita pulled a ME and sweetly begged the guy to let us just have a couple shots.

Ok, too much talking.  Photos.