The Hasties

There are no words to describe just how proud I am of my amazing friend, Emily.  Over the past couple of years, I've listened to her speak passionately on numerous occasions of her dreams and goals on the farm.  There has never been a doubt in my mind that she could not achieve any of the things on her growing list, it has basically been a waiting game as she began paving her way.  I've seen her spread at her thinnest: working tirelessly with her chickens and crops, taking care of her family including an exchange student and a friend in need, working her part-time job (consisting of multiple graveyard shifts in a row, no less...), to finally see her momentum up brings me so much joy.  You reap what you sow, and all this girl serves up is love.  Thanks to everyone who has made the time to come out to Schoolhouse Farm over the past couple of weeks to support this lady with a heart of gold.  

In celebration of her massive crop of sunflowers, a session was definitely a must...

Sunflower Madness

DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!  I'm so excited to announce my girl Emily is officially selling her homegrown veggies and florals, all which have been an intensive labour of love!  After recently setting up at a few of the local markets, she pitched her stand up at home to take part in Experience Delta's Culinary Farm Tour.  She collaborated with One20 Public House for a true Farm to Table experience for all those coming through.  Chef Michael Ferreira created a vegan taco, exclusively using the vegetables grown from the farm which included standouts of a guacamole alternative using minted mashed peas and deliciously crispy garlic chips.  In addition to her produce and floral stand and the delicious tacos, her two giant rows of sunflowers were open to the public for picking! 

Come out this weekend for a break from the city, pick up some fresh produce, grab a bouquet of fragrant sweet peas and bring home as many giant sunflowers as you can carry!  Feel free to bring a blanket and some snacks for a cozy picnic, there will be a lemonade stand set-up to wet your whistle!

6395 60th Avenue, Ladner BC
Located just outside the tunnel between the 2 giant willow trees!

Hope to see you this weekend!



Hastie 34 | A Collect + Cultivate Party

Nothing kicks off the anticipation and excitement of the coming summer like a party at The Farm.  We had a party to celebrate Mike's Birthday, organized and hosted by his fabulous earth-mother wife, Emily of Collect + Cultivate.  There isn't really much to say other than IT WAS PERFECT.  The weather was gorgeous, we had an abundance of delicious homemade food and drinks, a skateboarding ramp, multiple forms of entertainment for the kids (trampoline, playhouse, OPEN SPACE TO RUN AROUND), the firepit, and late night churros... 

A few faves from our fantastic evening

Happy Birthday Mike!

Thank you to Em for hosting yet another incredible party!