Valentine's Day Throwback


Happy Throwback Thursday my friends!  I've decided to post my Valentine's Session with Chloe today and my session with Moses for tomorrow.  Kim Anderson's images are just too iconic and nostalgic to not honour him for a Throwback.  I don't recall the exact moment that his images entered my thoughts (or why), but the moment the image of The Girl with the Rose came to mind, I immediately knew I needed to recreate this image with Chloe.  I opened Google to track down the image and after almost 20 years, there it was, the ultimate Throwback to my childhood.  


Amazingly, I managed to put together a strikingly similar ensemble from the original from our own closets.

Sweater - Wilfred Free.  Scarf - Nicole Bridger.  Beret - Handknit from a high school friend.  Grey tights - Mayoral.  Patent Leather Boots - Benetton.  

IMG_6791 copy.jpg
IMG_6836 copy.jpg

This is my absolute favourite of the bunch


I totally remember hanging out at Carlton's Cards and Hallmarks, secretly trying to spend my pocket money on the mini cards to give to my current crush at school but never being able to decide which one to get.  And 20 odd years later, it is my inspiration for photographing my daughter for Valentine's Day.  I just loved this idea.  I loved knowing that it was not just a part of my personal childhood, but that so many others who fell in love with these images as kids would be able to connect with my updated version.  It was exciting to be able to draw inspiration from this very nostalgic part of my childhood, and at the same time I was very nervous over the execution:  How I would be able to translate it and reconfigure it to be my own?

I'm over the moon with these images.  I love how they turned out and I love this feeling of having achieved my project goal.  It reminds me of my art school days, being able to successfully bring multiple elements together to create a cohesive piece.  The images pay homage to the original artist and yet they have been altered in enough ways (lighting, mood, colour, richness, backdrop vs natural environment, etc…) that allow them to stand on their own for those that may not know the origins of their inspiration.  

My prints are arriving this afternoon, I can't wait to get my favourite shot up on the wall!




Valentine's Day Countdown

IMG_6853 FB AD.jpg

Valentine's Day has snuck up on me once again!  Amazingly I managed to get my two shoots with Moses & Chloe done over the weekend in time to edit and send my print order out for my Mom!  She saw a bunch of the ones I did with Chloe on Friday, but the ones of Moses will definitely be a fun surprise for her.  I had so much fun with both these shoots, going to start composing my blog post tonight!