Alyson + Jordan

The story of these two lovebirds, both local to Tsawwassen, falls into the category of  smalltown romance.  They passed one another in the hallways of highschool without exchanging half a glance.  Graduation set them down their separate paths until 2007 when Jordan began working for a new company, the same company owned by Alyson's parents.  As fate would have it, they met in the lunch room and exchanged their first words for the first time in years:

 "What are YOU doing here...."
It took them 4 years before they started dating but the sparks did finally fly and come February will be tying the knot under the hot Caribbean sun in Cuba!  As a contrast to the sandy beaches and gorgeous weather they will enjoy for their honeymoon, it was decided that a cozy Fall Session would be perfect for their engagement photos.  We headed to Beach Grove Park, Jordan's old stomping grounds, for a romantic walk through the foggy forest trails.

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This was such a cool session weather wise.  With all the fog that has settled in over the past week and as the session took place at dusk, the variations of light were all over the place and made for some very cool mood lighting.

A pleasure working with you both xo