Book of Love: Caela + Brian

As any photographer will attest, seeing your art in a physical and tangible form provides a rush like no other.  The closest feeling that compares is opening presents on Christmas morning as a child  or maybe kind of like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, nervous and excited and shaking, carefully tearing the wrapper from the chocolate bar hoping to find that Golden Ticket.  It elevates your work to a new level.  

Real Weddings Magazine Fall 2013

I shot Caela + Brian's engagement session last summer, and just in the nick of time.  I was elated when Caela mentioned Real Weddings wanted to include a photo from the session in their Fall 2013 Engagement section!  

IMG_6758 blog.jpg

Prints, Save the Dates, postcards and canvasses are always a fun surprise when they arrive.  Going over to clients homes and seeing how proud they are to display their photos is the best reminder of why I do what I do.  However, it is less often that I get to see my work in book form, and in this case, in a larger format!  Caela needed a little convincing on the larger 11.5" x 15" size.  After assuring her she would not be disappointed with the extra WOW factor that a couple more inches would provide (… that's what she said..), I can now assure you  she and Brian have zero regrets.  In fact I'm pretty sure they are thankful for my Asian persuasion. Ha!

IMG_6701 ss.jpg
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When investing in your memories, we have to remember it is not just for immediate gratification.  Of course, it is thrilling to have a big book to share with your spouse-to-be, your families and your current group of friends.  These memories will not end here.  They will have life breathed into them with each new member of your family and ever-growing circle of friends, including your own children down the road!  Oh and let's not forget the new mom friends you will acquire who will no doubt share in your misery as you look back on your days of absolute freedom and radiant beauty.  Was I ever actually THAT stunning?!!!

IMG_6732 ss.jpg
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Time is not on our side.  The sun and moon rise and fall without notice of our aging souls.  These moments need to be captured and remembered.  When we hit rough patches in life, sometimes photos can help remind us of the love that started it all and give us the strength we need to push through.    

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Without a doubt, one of my favourite things to do at my grandparents' homes is to sit with a pile of old photo albums and look through my history and see photos of my parents when they were young, before they became parents.

IMG_6753 ss.jpg

C'est l'amour



Aina + Jason

This beauty and I go back.  Way back.... (dare I say it) to 1989.  We were 5 and we began the first of our 13 years of school together.  BFF's in Grade 5-7, then branching off into new groups of friends in high school, Aina and I have known one another for 25 years...  AND NOW SHE & JASON ARE TYING THE KNOT!  I met Jason a few years ago when Aina hired me to help coordinate his Dirty 30.  Fast forward to 2013, I'd say he's made a pretty darn good life decision putting a ring on this girl!  

Comp 01.jpg

Our adventure took place in their hometown, Richmond.  We did a few shots in their cozy house, visited Minoru Park and Steveston and took a mini bikeride around their neighbourhood. 

Comp 04.jpg
Comp 05.jpg
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 I feel so honored to have been able to capture this happy time for someone I have known my entire life.  Life is like a box of chocolates, and this lovely lady is the sweetest of the bunch.

Congrats guys!



And just because I love a good flashback...

June 1995.  You can't see it, but I'm wearing an Aritzia tee and I'm pretty sure that skirt is from Reitman's or Smart Set.

June 1995.  You can't see it, but I'm wearing an Aritzia tee and I'm pretty sure that skirt is from Reitman's or Smart Set.


Alyson + Jordan

The story of these two lovebirds, both local to Tsawwassen, falls into the category of  smalltown romance.  They passed one another in the hallways of highschool without exchanging half a glance.  Graduation set them down their separate paths until 2007 when Jordan began working for a new company, the same company owned by Alyson's parents.  As fate would have it, they met in the lunch room and exchanged their first words for the first time in years:

 "What are YOU doing here...."
It took them 4 years before they started dating but the sparks did finally fly and come February will be tying the knot under the hot Caribbean sun in Cuba!  As a contrast to the sandy beaches and gorgeous weather they will enjoy for their honeymoon, it was decided that a cozy Fall Session would be perfect for their engagement photos.  We headed to Beach Grove Park, Jordan's old stomping grounds, for a romantic walk through the foggy forest trails.

IMG_2423 FB AD.jpg
comp 01.jpg
comp 05.jpg
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This was such a cool session weather wise.  With all the fog that has settled in over the past week and as the session took place at dusk, the variations of light were all over the place and made for some very cool mood lighting.

A pleasure working with you both xo


Jericho Beach with Caela & Brian

It's funny how life works.  A long time ago, back in 2008, when shopping was a priority and i could rock tight on super tight tops and jeans, Caela hired me to work at Westbank.  She was 17 at the time and I was applying to usurp her position as receptionist in the swanky office at Shaw Tower.  I was hired in May and 3 months later I was pregnant, just in time for my 3 months probation! 

And so began our friendship.  At first it was a little rocky, but by the end of my pregnancy, we had grown close, and ever since then, Caela has become one of my closest friends, seeing me through both my pregnancies and spoiling both my children for the past 4 years!

She and Brian are highschool sweethearts and have finally decided to tie the knot and if I have things my way, popping out a few kids :)  

We headed to Jericho Beach where the sand was soft and cool, the boats lightly tossed in front of the North Shore mountains and in the distance the downtown lights flickered and brought the city to life.  We arrived just as the sun was going down to catch that beautiful Vancouver summer light.

You guys are a perfect couple.  Thanks for taking me out for late night tacos and driving me home.  I can't wait to help you through with the planning for the next year and to photograph your big day!
Love ya babe!