Holiday Guide Outtakes

A few fun images from the Holiday Style Guide that didn't make the cut but still warm my heart and make me laugh.

Moses is my little model.  He takes fantastic direction but for the most part seems to have an idea of what to do.  He was so cooperative and happy to change in and out of all the outfits, making his photos a breeze.  There are a lot more outtakes here of Chloe as she is a little more of a poop-disturber/rebel/character.  She is not interested in listening or taking direction and therefor I have to take a lot more shots of her to get the money shots I need.  On the other hand, this makes her outtakes a lot more entertaining.


"Mommy, I look sillyyyyy"

I know.  I'm such a bad mom for laughing at this everytime.  It's ok, I'm allowed to laugh because she is a mean little bean and needs to be put in her place.  Tiger Mom.