Jericho Beach with Caela & Brian

It's funny how life works.  A long time ago, back in 2008, when shopping was a priority and i could rock tight on super tight tops and jeans, Caela hired me to work at Westbank.  She was 17 at the time and I was applying to usurp her position as receptionist in the swanky office at Shaw Tower.  I was hired in May and 3 months later I was pregnant, just in time for my 3 months probation! 

And so began our friendship.  At first it was a little rocky, but by the end of my pregnancy, we had grown close, and ever since then, Caela has become one of my closest friends, seeing me through both my pregnancies and spoiling both my children for the past 4 years!

She and Brian are highschool sweethearts and have finally decided to tie the knot and if I have things my way, popping out a few kids :)  

We headed to Jericho Beach where the sand was soft and cool, the boats lightly tossed in front of the North Shore mountains and in the distance the downtown lights flickered and brought the city to life.  We arrived just as the sun was going down to catch that beautiful Vancouver summer light.

You guys are a perfect couple.  Thanks for taking me out for late night tacos and driving me home.  I can't wait to help you through with the planning for the next year and to photograph your big day!
Love ya babe!