Book of Love: Caela + Brian

As any photographer will attest, seeing your art in a physical and tangible form provides a rush like no other.  The closest feeling that compares is opening presents on Christmas morning as a child  or maybe kind of like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, nervous and excited and shaking, carefully tearing the wrapper from the chocolate bar hoping to find that Golden Ticket.  It elevates your work to a new level.  

Real Weddings Magazine Fall 2013

I shot Caela + Brian's engagement session last summer, and just in the nick of time.  I was elated when Caela mentioned Real Weddings wanted to include a photo from the session in their Fall 2013 Engagement section!  

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Prints, Save the Dates, postcards and canvasses are always a fun surprise when they arrive.  Going over to clients homes and seeing how proud they are to display their photos is the best reminder of why I do what I do.  However, it is less often that I get to see my work in book form, and in this case, in a larger format!  Caela needed a little convincing on the larger 11.5" x 15" size.  After assuring her she would not be disappointed with the extra WOW factor that a couple more inches would provide (… that's what she said..), I can now assure you  she and Brian have zero regrets.  In fact I'm pretty sure they are thankful for my Asian persuasion. Ha!

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When investing in your memories, we have to remember it is not just for immediate gratification.  Of course, it is thrilling to have a big book to share with your spouse-to-be, your families and your current group of friends.  These memories will not end here.  They will have life breathed into them with each new member of your family and ever-growing circle of friends, including your own children down the road!  Oh and let's not forget the new mom friends you will acquire who will no doubt share in your misery as you look back on your days of absolute freedom and radiant beauty.  Was I ever actually THAT stunning?!!!

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Time is not on our side.  The sun and moon rise and fall without notice of our aging souls.  These moments need to be captured and remembered.  When we hit rough patches in life, sometimes photos can help remind us of the love that started it all and give us the strength we need to push through.    

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Without a doubt, one of my favourite things to do at my grandparents' homes is to sit with a pile of old photo albums and look through my history and see photos of my parents when they were young, before they became parents.

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C'est l'amour