Wren Verona: 6 Months

Life has been quite the blur since the arrival of our Littlest O'Brien but it's also been a whirlwind of joy and gratitude for all the love that has been showered on us from friends and family.  We've had an enormous amount of generosity in the form of meals (fresh and frozen), babysitting, cleaning + tidying, renovations, gifts and hands-me-downs and everything in between.

Our winter has been its usual mix of everything: grey rainy skies, frozen clear days of rolling blue sky, warmer overcast days, and occasionally a beautiful sunny day reminiscent of early Fall.  We had a spoiled visit of cozy chicken soup and gluten free treats from my high school friend Ashley, and with the sun just pouring into our home, there was no amount of "tired" that could stop me from taking a few snaps of Little Wren and her balmy blue eyes.

Wren - Newborn

Wren - 3 Months

I was blown away how much she had groans since her last visit which was only a few weeks ago when Ash and Nicole came to meet Feather for the first time.  My heart went into panic mode realizing how different Feather will be in 5 months time and, after having two kids, knowing how fast those 5 months are going to pass.  Feather will be sitting up, laughing, trying solids, rolling around and being a little menace with his rowdy older siblings.


Chloe jumped in for a few shots with her little buddy

How fast time is flying.  

These little beauties are going to be rebel teenagers before we know it.