Wren Verona

After all the editing and compiling the photos for this post together, I'm at a loss of where to begin with Little Miss Wren.  I've known the Schmidt sisters since Grade 8.  Like many other girls, we were shuffled against our will to attend Little Flower Academy, an all girls Catholic school.  Yes.  I'm one of THOSE girls…  The girls that attended Blessed Sacrament Elementary were a tight crew and I was introduced to Ashley Schmidt via a number of her friends.  I was intimidated by her height and how she loved to play pranks on her friends.  Her sister, Nicole, 2 years older terrified me all through high school.  Ashley and I have continued to be friends after all these years, growing much closer in the last few.  It was only until Nicole gave birth to her first little guy, Rook, 3 years ago, that we began to hang out and I learned she was much less terrifying and a lot more hilarious.

I am so grateful to have such wonderful and loving friends in my life and I'll say it a million more times, I am so honoured to photograph their life milestones and growing families.   It's so special to be able to see such a long time friend welcome their first baby into the world, to share that love and wonder with them, to see the features of a face you've known forever suddenly appear in a brand new miniature version, and to see their heart transform before your very eyes as they fall in love with this tiny little person.

It is insane the things first time mothers do during their last weeks of nesting, Ashley and Ivan handmade this beautiful bird mobile.


Beautiful Wren

I look forward to seeing you grow up
and to count the many ways you will be like your Mama.