Mix it Up

Taking a moment to mix things up here with an illustration I'm really excited about!  I have been strangely inspired by cement mixers, one local company in particular who has chosen the clean colours of white with teal.  I used a slight different shade of blue-green and added my own fun details to personalize the mixer for the birthday boy, Ziggy.  Trucks.  They are certainly not something I would normally pay attention to, or so I would assume, but having two boys in the house that both rage about trucks, cars, trains, and transportation vehicles in general, I have been yelled out thousands of times whenever one is in sight. Trucks have become a part of my daily life and vocabulary.

I had the idea last year of creating a technically drawn illustration for a friend's son who is also big into trucks.  I didn't have the opportunity to dive into this project last summer but somehow this year I managed to do it.  I'm still actually in disbelief that I managed to knock it out this year with such a full plate.  It was worth it and I'm considering to possibly do more of these, but we'll see :)  Too many ideas and not enough time...  For now, gotta get this baby printed and framed for the birthday boy!

dress stands for joanna delaney

Let's take a break from me to share a little bit of the creative work by my husband.  This is the latest commission he has taken on for yet another very talented creative, Joanna Delaney of Joanna Delaney Design + Dressmaking.  This woman has been a reckoning force, creating some of the most heart-stopping lace wedding dresses out of her tiny South Granville apartment for the past couple of years.  She has just recently moved studios which required some clean modern dress stands to display her work.

Very excited to see these in action!