A few favourite images from shooting with my cousin Nik of chappalschappals.  Working together, we created a collection of images for her newly launched website for her leather sandals or "chappals" imported from India.  As a an avid traveller, Nik is constantly mapping out her next destination.  Always on her feet, always seeking adventure, but never compromising style, these chappals have been her best friend when exploring new territory.  Check out the goods at



Gosh.  I just love collaborating with Boss Ass Bitches.  There are so many of you and when I receive requests to work with/for/under you, the erupting chorus of Angels is music to my soul.  Flaxsleep is a new Vancouver-based Linen Bedding company and the baby to a trio of smart, creative, talented, and fun-loving women: Anna, whom I met last year at Sarah's Birthday Retreat, and her partners Oana and Vivian.  I've kept in touch with Anna as I fell hard for her awesome style, her intense level of crafting and equally intense level of rapping skills.  Oh, and the one that took me down the Indigo path.  When I heard about this Linen Bedding baby-in-the-making, I was absolutely thrilled!

We gathered together on a very hot afternoon in Mount Pleasant, rearranging Viv's apartment for some product shots as well as styled images for their site and social media.  Before arriving, I knew would fall in love with their sheets, it would just be a matter of which one would I be taking home with me....?

A few faves.


Boss Ladies

Wallis Evera Spring 2017

I had such a ball creating these images with Isabella (model) and Monique of Wallis Evera for her 2017 Spring Collection.  The bright sunny yellow was so playful and yet maintained a flexibility working with both the conservative styles and the more free spirited styles.  I absolutely thrilled and with the way these images turned out!

A few select favourites that you can find up at


dress stands for joanna delaney

Let's take a break from me to share a little bit of the creative work by my husband.  This is the latest commission he has taken on for yet another very talented creative, Joanna Delaney of Joanna Delaney Design + Dressmaking.  This woman has been a reckoning force, creating some of the most heart-stopping lace wedding dresses out of her tiny South Granville apartment for the past couple of years.  She has just recently moved studios which required some clean modern dress stands to display her work.

Very excited to see these in action!