Art Club 2017 Wrap Up!

I can't tell you how crazy it is to direct these classes and try to get some good shots at the same time!  I managed to get a few here and there, mostly the second week when I was feeling a little more comfortable and in my groove.  Will try to create a larger gallery under our Art Club section, but in the meantime, here are some snippets from Art Club 2017!

A massive thank you to everyone who participated and my sincerest apologies to those I had to turn away for lack of space!  I am definitely planning to host more classes in the coming months including some for adults as well.  I am so thrilled with the amount of response I received this year and equally stoked on how all the projects turned out.  I love love love observing the unique perspectives and talents from young creatives and it is such a gift to see how proud they are of their work in the end.  Thank You to everyone!  I look forward to seeing your faces and many new ones with the warmer weather!

xo Phanie

Hello Leilani!

Rounding off the last of June's baby week with an old high school buddy I hadn't seen for probably 12 years.  Recently moving into my hood with her young family, she found me on the Instagram and we got to reconnect all these years later.  Malcolm and I met her little ones, Sammy and newest addition chubby little Leilani a week before heading out for our cozy little session.


A huge thank you to all my 2015 clients for making this year the best one yet!  I had a blast capturing some stellar moments for you and your loved ones (kids, babies, and fur babies!).  It was extra special getting to do these sessions in our new home, and with so many familiar faces no less.  

This is my 4th year of Holiday Sessions;  4 years ago, I was working part-time as a cashier at Thrifty's.  A friend had requested I do some family photos for her at the end of summer and it was then that I decided to quit my cashier position and try my hand at becoming a photographer.  These Holiday Sessions were my very first gig as part of a Fundraiser at my kids' preschool, the gig that started them all!  I've come a long way and I have learned so very very much!  A couple of you have been a part of these Holiday Sessions since the beginning and for that, I truly truly thank you for your faith and support each year!  Many of you I have known for years, some a lifetime, and still others whom I am just getting to know.  The best part of my job is becoming part of your life, not just documenting you and your loved ones' physical existence at a specific moment in time, and not just capturing a pretty picture to share on social media, but capturing your joy and your spirit.  I want my photos to be your favourite photos, the ones that you look back on time and time again as the years go by and we all get a little wiser; the ones that make you smile without fail because the feelings keep rushing back.  I do my best to do for you what I do for myself with my family.  In fact, many of you may as well be my family at this point, HA!  Time to wrap up here...  

It was really difficult to choose just one photo from each session (seriously, it's taken me 2 days of editing a few different photos and changing my mind a million times…) but here they are in order from first to last!  Hugo gets two because his peacock walk is the perfect way to end this hahahha