Art Birthday Parties

I have begun offering Art Birthday Parties this year and so far it's been nothing but fun.  We started off with a Sleepover Themed birthday where the girls all designed and decorated their own SleepMasks.  Our second project was Watercolour/Yarn Unicorns which have been such a huge hit that we had double classes of them over our Spring Break Art Club.  Unless my Mom Brain is betraying me, I am certain that this was the next one in line and what an awesome and easy and colourful and visually fun project it is.  Mini Wall Tassle Hangings!

I am a million percent mega into providing these Art Birthday Party services so please hit me up with your party theme and I will do my best to create something for you!  These parties are not exclusively for children either, they are fully open to all ages looking to get their art on!


Art Club 2017 Wrap Up!

I can't tell you how crazy it is to direct these classes and try to get some good shots at the same time!  I managed to get a few here and there, mostly the second week when I was feeling a little more comfortable and in my groove.  Will try to create a larger gallery under our Art Club section, but in the meantime, here are some snippets from Art Club 2017!

A massive thank you to everyone who participated and my sincerest apologies to those I had to turn away for lack of space!  I am definitely planning to host more classes in the coming months including some for adults as well.  I am so thrilled with the amount of response I received this year and equally stoked on how all the projects turned out.  I love love love observing the unique perspectives and talents from young creatives and it is such a gift to see how proud they are of their work in the end.  Thank You to everyone!  I look forward to seeing your faces and many new ones with the warmer weather!

xo Phanie

ART CLUB | Week 2 Wrap-Up!

I learned a lot over the 2 week stint of our Art Club.  Made tweaks and took a lot of notes as I went along.  I know I am too hard on myself, but I gotta keep those standards up there!  Everyone had a great time and there were many parents who requested Summer classes through person, text and email, so it seems like I'm not going to have a choice.  This is good.

Anyway, just a quick bunch of photos from Week 2!

THANK YOU to the ladies that encouraged NAY pushed me to set-up these classes.  A special Thank You to the many moms who have been there over the last few years with my photography, for supporting me yet again on this new path.  I am so lucky to be part of a community of amazing women!  And a very warm Thank You to the new moms that I have met for joining in on a fruitful and fun experience!  I truly had a great time with the variety of creative minds and hands, I really loved being able to recognize their different strengths and wiggle them out of their comfort zones.  Looking forward to seeing familiar faces come summer time!


ART CLUB | Day 4 + 5: Stamps, Patterns, Mixed-Media

Day 4 was a flop.  There had to be one flopper and it was ok because we bounced back on Day 5.  Also, the kids didn't realize anything was wrong as they still had a great time, but it was definitely good for us to discuss how things sometimes go awry and when they do, you push forward.

Day 4 we worked with a bunch of homemade DIY stamps to create fixed and organic patterns.  We moved on with our book, one of my absolute top favourites: Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and illustrator extraordinaire Jon Klassen.  It's really the most lovely marriage of story and pictures.  Our stamp exercises moved over to printmaking where we cut out shirts from burlap and printed them through a rolling press to emulate the yarn pattern that was used throughout Extra Yarn.  The kids created self-portraits with their printed shirt and made their Day 4 buttons before moving onto the next project.

The next project was inspired by Oliver Jeffers' STUCK.  We integrated stamp/printmaking with bubblewrap to create our own tree and used pastels to illustrate, cut out, and paste all the ludicrous objects ...

Dev here was super into his buttons.  He may very well have the best set of them all as well because of this.  Week 1 was great and it felt good to have that first taste of what I would be dealing with for future classes.  I have had nothing but positive feedback from the kids via their parents which is really encouraging, and requests to host classes for younger kids and adult sessions!  Much to plan ahead for the summer months!



ART CLUB | Day 3: Monster Mash-Up!

This was a fun one.  We did a bunch of playful "letting go" exercises for this class, encouraging kids to relinquish creative control and be open to the ideas of others to produce collaborative pieces.  What better theme than MONSTERS to to really amp up the colourful and crazy nature of these exercises.  Our inspirational book was Peter McCarty's The Monster Returns.  We started out with trifold monsters, everyone drawing the head, passing onto the next person to do the body and again for the legs, WITHOUT PEEKING!  We moved back to colour and shapes, asking each person to draw any sort of shape before passing it onto the next person who would then draw a monster inspired by the colour and shape presented to them.  It gave the kids a chance to see how their work could inspire others, discover different perspectives and share one another's imagination.

I had them paint a variety of shapes and colours which were then cut out and mixed up in a big bowl.  Random handfuls were then redistributed to the kids to create a monster using the shapes they were given!

This was definitely a really really fun day for everyone!  Looking forward to seeing the monsters that are created this coming week!