Art Birthday Parties

I have begun offering Art Birthday Parties this year and so far it's been nothing but fun.  We started off with a Sleepover Themed birthday where the girls all designed and decorated their own SleepMasks.  Our second project was Watercolour/Yarn Unicorns which have been such a huge hit that we had double classes of them over our Spring Break Art Club.  Unless my Mom Brain is betraying me, I am certain that this was the next one in line and what an awesome and easy and colourful and visually fun project it is.  Mini Wall Tassle Hangings!

I am a million percent mega into providing these Art Birthday Party services so please hit me up with your party theme and I will do my best to create something for you!  These parties are not exclusively for children either, they are fully open to all ages looking to get their art on!


Myla Rose turns 4

These pictures bring me so much joy.  I am so happy to have the Houstons back home from Europe after 3-4 long years of following their travels on Instagram.  We celebrated with a backyard birthday BBQ party for Miss Myla Rose and her close friends and family.  My Houstons cup has been so empty for so long that having it filled with their presence and so many familiar faces just had my cup overflowing, my blown out candle was lit (and truthfully so was I on Root Beer Vodka) and it was like being given the chance to relive my youth again. 

Happy Birthday Myla!!!!