Beach Bump with Lindsay Elliott

There is a baby inside of me .  My third delicious pie-to-be, baking to perfection within the confines of my body and soul.  There is so much mystery surrounding a pregnancy, so many curiosities and questions that feel like they will never be answered...  

And then they arrive.  A few weeks early or a few days late, they finally arrive.  They take in their first breath of air and proceed to try out their tiny little lungs.  

I'm stuck in the mystery.  I look at Moses and Chloe, 5 and 4, and feel like I have known them my whole life.  Their personalities, once a tightly wrapped up present, now so obvious and fitting.  Their physical attributes that continue to gradually morph as they grow older year after year now make me wonder even more what will this third one look like?!!!  It's a little different with interracial kids because the range is much broader.  The gradations of skin tone to the possibility of black hair, Moses' thick dark mousy brown mop, or Chloe's borderline blonde loose tresses… the possibilities are endless!

I vowed that if I had a third child that I would take tonnes of photos since I hardly have any at all with my first 2 pregnancies.  I have kept that promise, even if it is me posing on my bed in front of my mirror while one of the kids stands and repeatedly presses the camera button.  I had my first maternity session over the weekend with my good friend and talented photographer Lindsay Elliott.  It was a bit of a collab.  I sent photos of ideas I was hoping to get as well as scoping out the light at different locations out here at Centennial beach.  She got everything I wanted.

One of the ideas I had was to be right in the water wearing some sort of loose and sheer drapery.  I was over the moon when my girlfriend and talented seamstress Joanna Delaney offered to help me out with putting something together in between her busy schedule of wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses.

So thankful that after a few days of rain, the afternoon's hot sun managed to warm the water up to a very pleasant temperature!  

I love this.  

Oh, Little One, who will you turn out to be?

Sometimes I wish I were more academic rather than creative, but on days like this where I can collaborate with other like-minded creators and talents, I know I got the better deal.

Alright.  It is off to bed with me and this belly...





THROWBACK THURSDAY: Christmas 2012 with Lindsaysdiet

It's been a whirlwind of sessions, editing, designing, ordering, eye infections, weird flues and colds since the last post!  I pinkyswear I'll post more sneaks from our Secret Third Day of Holiday Sessions soon but to tide you over, here are the photos from last year's incredible Holiday Session with my Sista-From-Anotha-Mista: Lindsay Elliott!  

Postcard 2012

Postcard 2012

Going through these photos is kind of gouging my heart with a melon scooper.  The older the kids get, the faster the year goes and the less they seem to change... that is until you look back 365 days.  Chloe's hair is 3 almost 4 inches shorter here and she definitely has a little more chub in her cheeks mmm ok all around.  The physical changes with Moses are not as noticeable, but as I have lovingly observed during my nightly motherly rituals, I am blown away by the length and lithe in his 4.5 year old limbs.  SIGH.  Equally as painful is how much younger Kev and I seem in these photos...  that's pretty painful considering I've already been torturing myself with photos of us from when I was pregnant the first time.  AND THIS YEAR I HAVE NO HAIR!  


Dearest Lindsay, thank you so much for capturing these photos of my radiant little muffins, my handsome sweetie and my long hair :)  Can't wait to see what we get this year!  DRESS SHOPPING TOMORROW!!!!


Dirty 30

photo by Lindsay Elliott.  hair by Jade Kugelman.  make-Up by Oz.

I had a portrait session with some top notch ladies the evening before my 30th birthday.  Lindsay hailed from the city into Richmond to take some fun portraits of me, celebrating my 30 years of life.  I met Oz for the first time.  She is a teacher at Blanche MacDonald and was highly recommended to me by my friend Nicole.  She is also hilarious and really really REALLY nice.  Oz and Lindsay met me at Jade's home where I enjoyed some royal treatment for my big day: hair, make up and bright camera flashes masking the tired mother inside if but for one evening!  As you can see, they did not disappoint.  

Check out their work and book these girls for your next special occasion.  Masters of the Universe

lindsay at
jade at
oz at


Pretty amazing for unedited images!  If you look closely to the two photos flanked with black space, you will realize that it is Jade, holding up a flash while simultaneously rocking Nova in her Ergo carrier!  I love these sort of behind the scenes "do what ya gotta do..." situations!  

We had a crazy weekend with back to back partying for my 30th Birthday and a stagette for my long time high school friend, Ashley. 

We rented a suite at the Fairmont Pacific Rim down in Vancouver's Coal Harbour neighbourhood.  25-30 people showed up throughout the evening, sharing drinks, food, stories and good times.  

photo by Lindsay Elliott

photo by Lindsay Elliott

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day special.  From those who helped enormously with prep, those who went out of their way to spoil me with lovely gifts, and those that showed up just to partyyyyyy.   To Jade & Oz for doing another incredible job with my hair and make up, making me feel fantastic!  To everyone who passed the camera around helping me to take photos all night long!

Truly a great night.  Let's do it again next summer just for fun!!!!

Maybe a little more jumping in the bed and tub action?