The Boisvert Family

It's times like these that I am so grateful for my flexible schedule as it is very convenient for spontaneous sessions!  I received the text just after Noon when the sun was out and shining.  By the time 330pm rolled around, I was sitting in the car laughing as a total downpour crashed over the van.  I drove out to Diefenbaker to see how dry it was beneath the trees since it was too risky to try our luck at the wide open beach.  The skies cleared and we were treated to breaks of late afternoon sun and cloud.  With my own family of 5, it comes in handy to know what to expect when all 3 kids have their own secret agenda and to know when to let kids run free and when to corral them back.  I just hope that I continue to be able to read children as mine get older!

So thrilled will how these turned out!  Loving the variety and loving the energy!





Beach Evenings

i had posted this in my personal blog but decided these were too good not to share here as well.  we are so lucky to live so close to the beach.  it's so clean and quiet (at least during the week anyway throughout summer) and it's my favourite place to be all year round.  i'm so grateful we were able to have a few family evenings here as i've been pounding out a lot of work and not able to spend as much time together as i would like.  this was such a great day as it was the first time Malcolm experienced walking in the water on his own.  it hasn't been warm enough until recently and this time last year he was only a mere 6 months old.  to see him wander in right up to his chest and fall in love with the ocean was the heartmelting treat i needed.  seeing him get right in there with his older siblings and watch as they both rush to his side to help him is definitely the greatest reward i could ask for!  NO FIGHTING for one beautiful evening was all i needed.

for anyone interested in Booking one of these Beach Sessions, hit me up at my Contact page and we'll get you some beauties to frame and share!