ocean swim

It's been 2 years since I took photos of our last family swim.  You can never see how your kids will grow older, you can barely fathom the thought of them ever being older than they are at any given moment.  2 years later, they've grown into their teeth or their teeth have grown in, their hair is 5 inches longer or 5 inches shorter, their bodies have trimmed off more baby fat, and one of them is half a head shorter than you while the other grew 2 heads taller...

life has been busy... seemingly in 5th gear since the end of April.
it's been great, workwise.  we were able to pay our monthly bills and managed to save enough to cover the dreaded PROPERTY TAX.  of course that means, everything else is frantic as we try to juggle the rest of our life.

summer is here.  in fact, it is half-over now.  tomorrow is August 1st, BC Day weekend is around the corner once again.  with so many projects on the go (including our own home projects...), we haven't had any time for any quality family time outside of having dinner together.  i've soaked up the sun at Centennial a  bunch of times this summer already, but only in the morning/early afternoon when the tide was way way out.  aching for that warm ocean water, i shooed us out of the house after dinner for the first ocean swim of the year.  it was 7:30pm, but it's also summer, and i knew it would be worth it.

it was.


winter was so very very long, i am hanging onto every ray of sunshine and every bead of sweat just so i know i made every bit of summer count when the cold rolls in again.

summer forever


Camping 2016

We went camping for the first time with all 5 of us!  The last time we went camping was 3 years ago and the first time we went with the older kids for a wedding in Pemberton.  This trip was just a short two-night trip to test the waters/sanity.  We had a blast.  We all needed that tiny little get-away.  It was perfect.  We stayed the first night in Princeton and the second night at Otter Lake in Tulameen.  There are too many photos to share for a blogpost, so here is the link to the gallery.

Hope everyone is having a terrific summer!


Family Bike Rides

Finally getting a bike for my birthday this year has changed everything!   Family bike rides have filled many of our summer evenings, bringing more happiness than I could have imagined.  The simple things.  They are so good.  One of the top things on my bucket list for this summer was to ride the dike to Centennial Beach.  CHECK!  It was easier and quicker than I had expected and we got to enjoy about an hour of warm shallow ocean water before heading back home again.  We made our second attempt the other night but ended up detouring to a new little spot along the way.  I'm so glad I brought my camera with me for this beautiful evening.  These are evenings I definitely never want to forget.

Summer, you have gone by too too fast this year



Beach Evenings

i had posted this in my personal blog but decided these were too good not to share here as well.  we are so lucky to live so close to the beach.  it's so clean and quiet (at least during the week anyway throughout summer) and it's my favourite place to be all year round.  i'm so grateful we were able to have a few family evenings here as i've been pounding out a lot of work and not able to spend as much time together as i would like.  this was such a great day as it was the first time Malcolm experienced walking in the water on his own.  it hasn't been warm enough until recently and this time last year he was only a mere 6 months old.  to see him wander in right up to his chest and fall in love with the ocean was the heartmelting treat i needed.  seeing him get right in there with his older siblings and watch as they both rush to his side to help him is definitely the greatest reward i could ask for!  NO FIGHTING for one beautiful evening was all i needed.

for anyone interested in Booking one of these Beach Sessions, hit me up at my Contact page and we'll get you some beauties to frame and share!