Samesies! : Adelyn + Jessalyn

We are almost caught up with the last lovelies of 2013!  We were so blessed to have had our first set of newborn twins become part of The Pauhaus family before year's end.  On November 26th, Rob and Yvonne Lowe welcomed their firstborn girls into the world: Adelyn + Jessalyn.  

postcard web.png

If you are a fellow local, you have probably had the pleasure of meeting Rob at the newest cafe in Ladner, Stir Coffee.  It's the place to be, proudly serving 49th Parallel coffee, freshly brewed  loose-leaf teas and probably the best baked goods of all the coffee shops around here.  (Not to mention, fellow winner of this year's Reader's Choice Awards in The Delta Optimist!  Asians in the house!)  I was over the moon when I received Rob's message to photograph his girls.  If you've met Rob, you know he's the nicest most genuine guy out there.  Not only was he one of the many generous businesses that donated prizes to the Change Your Hair, Change Your Life Fundraiser this passed Summer, but he and Yvonne are continuously involved in fundraising and giving back.  


The girls had an agenda all of their own, taking turns sleeping, crying, feeding, and filling diapers.  Rob and I took the girls while exhausted Mama Yvonne took the opportunity to rest and nap in between feeds.  And while I'm on the subject, may I please take this moment to give major props to parents of multiples?  YOU ARE SUPERHUMANS.  Yes, I'm sure getting double the cuteness and double the hugs and kisses is like being a pampered celebrity, but man I can't even imagine the rough days when both of them are going through growth spurts or getting teeth and you truly do not get the chance to sit down for the luxurious 15-20 minutes throughout the day that those with one baby complain about!   

Sweet Adelyn

IMG_2658 web.jpg

Darling Jessalyn


Just about to fall asleep, this photo makes me want to run in circles screaming.

IMG_2703 COMP.jpg

After a little dinner break, we reconvened for a few family photos together.


We have really lucked out with sweet and kind-hearted clients.  With the start of this New Year, I've been doing a lot of looking back and feeling so grateful for all the new people I have met and connected with.  Looking forward to seeing these little cuties grow up and raise some toddler tyranny in the Lowe household!