It's going to be pretty interesting to see what life is like in 20 years.  I am in the time of my life where so many friends are starting or growing their families.  Our parents did not have social media to maintain contact with every single person from high school and beyond.  Today, even if we don't hold long conversations or meet up with everyone we have added from high school or post-secondary, we scroll through their life on a daily basis.  We are in a time where we literally are watching everyone's lives every single day, and probably maintain this network long enough to see each other's kids childhood and teenage years.  I don't think we will ever be leaving Tsawwassen in this housing market, so I am constantly imagining how all these kids are going to grow up together in the tiny community of Ladner/Tsawwassen.  How did I get to this?

Ah yes!  Thinking about how long it has been since I have known Steve + Serena.  I met Steve and Serena about a year or two before I had Moses which is a whopping 9 years ago.  Over the past decade, they have been the ones watching me stumble through parenthood. They have seen me and my kids grow together, they have read my ups and downs, and they are hopefully a little more prepared than I was with what to truly expect when you are expecting.  They spent the last couple of years travelling before hunkering down to start their family, and are now proud new parents to Baby Munroe.  

As is always the case, I was thrilled to photograph them in these early days of parenthood and I am excited to follow them on their journey!


Congratulations!  Welcome to the club!

Sophie Evelyn

2018 began with new babies!  Back to Back babies for people I know from back in highschool who happen to be friends and live in neighbouring condos overlooking beautiful False Creek.  I love how life comes full circle.  I love how highschool is a petri dish of hormones, bad decisions, blind immaturity, and closed-mindedness, that nobody can see who and how the future might bring people back together.  I guess this isn't necessarily true of all experiences, but I love that it is mine.  I love being able to re-enter the lives of those with whom I share history (great or small), see who they have grown to be and witness the love for their young families spill out like liquid gold. It's a beautiful thing to be vulnerable. I love connecting with people and I love being a part of so many people's special moments. There is so much beauty in how we live day by day, in just who we are, in our humanity.

A few special moments with little sister Sophie and Mama Jess. 


Hello Ruby!

Ruby has arrived! Ruby has arrived!  

I've been impatiently waiting to meet this sweet girl since Joon first announced they were pregnant again and she is finally HERE!!!  I've got this soft spot for Joon.  I like who I am when I am in her company, whether we are chilling with our kids or partying it up at a girls' night.  She brings out that part of me that makes me feel like we should have been friends 10 years ago.  And now her little girl is here and I get to see her grow up from brand newness and see all the joy (and terror and exhaustion, but mostly joy...) Ruby brings to their family.  

We are set for a session in their new home in the next month or so, but I made sure to capture a few goodies in their current place of Ruby in all her newborn glory...

Love you babe



I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of this Newborn Session although it really makes my heart ache that I did not my own done when Moses + Chloe were the same age.  SIGH.  I first met Stephanie, Dylan, and Jack last Summer for a Beach Session, gifted to them by my oldtimey LFA classmate, Danielle.  I swear the world gets smaller and my circles get tighter as I get older.  9 months later, young Jack is walking, talking, jumping and kissing his teeny tiny brother Logan.  I am so in love with how this session turned out and I am excited for them to look back in 8 years and recall what these early days were like. 

Congratulations once again on your newest addition and a huge thank you for allowing me to help tell your family's story




Leni Saga

Welcome LENI SAGA!

There were so many babies this year, turning many only siblings into Eldest siblings!  Bram became a big brother to Baby Leni at the start of summer and seems more than happy in his new role.  It's pretty crazy and surreal to see so many friends in the place that I was in 6-7 years ago, juggling two little lives so close together.  It seemed to drag on forever, but now that it's passed, it feels like it went too fast and I barely remember any of it at all.  Although I sometimes feel jealous or bitter that I was the first to have babies, it has been a gift in so many ways.  Through blogging and sharing my experiences, it was (slightly) less of a shock of things to come for my friends once they came tumbling down the rabbit hole.  It has also allowed me to better cherish these special times and as a result, be able to capture these special moments with greater heart.  Being ahead of the curve, I know the important things that will be missed or forgotten.  I know the thoughts, feelings, the tiredness and all the internal mish-mash of these early days.  These exhausting times are precious.  Slow down an enjoy it because when it's over, man is it over!  I MISS IT!!!!