Happy Birthday Thomas!

I can't believe I never posted these because they are so beautiful and making me tear up.  We just celebrated this guy's First Birthday over the weekend and Caela just texted me to resend her the gallery.  Upon uploading, I fell in love with these photos in a whole new light.  It didn't seem that long ago, and in the grand scheme of things a year really isn't that long ago, but time is cruel and doesn't stop or wait.  Second by second, moments come and go like a flash in the pan and suddenly those endless first days of becoming a mother are a distant memory (... did that really happen?) and your little one has grown exponentially into an entirely different human being.  Many of my close friends are those whom I would have never expected to be, this Mama included.  She was 17 when I met her and when she hired me.  I can't believe it's been almost 10 years that have passed and that she has been there throughout my 3 pregnancies and spoiled my kids with gifts;  Moses and Chloe were in her wedding party and in this past year it was my turn to witness her struggles and successes as she passed through the threshold into motherhood.

You guys have done an incredible job this year and I am so proud of you and so grateful to have you in my life.  Congratulations on making it through the first year!

Happy Birthday Toto!


Hello Ruby!

Ruby has arrived! Ruby has arrived!  

I've been impatiently waiting to meet this sweet girl since Joon first announced they were pregnant again and she is finally HERE!!!  I've got this soft spot for Joon.  I like who I am when I am in her company, whether we are chilling with our kids or partying it up at a girls' night.  She brings out that part of me that makes me feel like we should have been friends 10 years ago.  And now her little girl is here and I get to see her grow up from brand newness and see all the joy (and terror and exhaustion, but mostly joy...) Ruby brings to their family.  

We are set for a session in their new home in the next month or so, but I made sure to capture a few goodies in their current place of Ruby in all her newborn glory...

Love you babe


Maternity Session with Tera + Kat

I am so so thrilled with how these photos turned out considering how impromptu this session came together!  So happy to have captured a few moments with Tera's beautiful belly with Kat with just a few weeks before the big day.  Love you both so much and can not wait to meet sweet Baby Tyde this summer!!!

You guys are the cutest pair




Wren Verona: 3 Months

Wren was days old when we first met up with her back in July.  Over the past 3 months, she has plumped right up and begun to share her sweet smile with the rest of the world.

If this isn't the spitting image of her mother, I don't know what is
SUCH and Ashley face you are pulling right now, Little Wren

Happy 3 months to Mama + Baby

You are doing an amazing job Ash!