ART CLUB | Day 2: ISH Lines

Man.  Art Club is kicking my butt into Organization Land.  The prep and cleaning on top of family life and the other projects and photos I have is insane but seeing the piles of work that are being created and the great feedback I am getting from both the kids and parents once the madness dissipates has been worth all the effort.  Not to mention, my house has been cleaner than ever!  Serious bonus points there!

Day 2.  We focused on LINE with inspiration drawn from the book ISH!  The goal was to break away from creating "perfect" or "correct" renditions of a drawing, but to focus on the "feeling" or the "essence" of the object being drawn.  We focused on mark-making: soft vs hard, short vs long, large vs small movements, and round vs jagged lines.  We started off with charcoal, closing our eyes and letting our hands "dance" to the beat and swells of a variety of music.  I pulled songs from one of my favourite albums, The Royal Tenenbaums, starting of with the slow gentle rhythm of"These Days" by Nico, switching it up to "Jackie is a Punk" by The Ramones, and then taking it down just a little with the playful "Police and Thieves" by The Clash.  They loved it, of course.  We assessed our drawings and they requested one last song.  The girls pleaded for Let It Go and the boys groaned in ___.  Luckily, someone piped up with Rock'n'Roll and they all cheered for that.  So "I Love Rock'n'Roll" it was... CLICK HERE for the Instagram Video of them in action!

We did a bunch more projects with pastels to integrate what we learned about colour the previous day.  The projects required me to be 100% hands on (especially getting these hands decent!) and was unable to document beyond this small bunch of photos!

Stay Tuned for Wednesday's MONSTER COLLAB day...