ART CLUB | Day 3: Monster Mash-Up!

This was a fun one.  We did a bunch of playful "letting go" exercises for this class, encouraging kids to relinquish creative control and be open to the ideas of others to produce collaborative pieces.  What better theme than MONSTERS to to really amp up the colourful and crazy nature of these exercises.  Our inspirational book was Peter McCarty's The Monster Returns.  We started out with trifold monsters, everyone drawing the head, passing onto the next person to do the body and again for the legs, WITHOUT PEEKING!  We moved back to colour and shapes, asking each person to draw any sort of shape before passing it onto the next person who would then draw a monster inspired by the colour and shape presented to them.  It gave the kids a chance to see how their work could inspire others, discover different perspectives and share one another's imagination.

I had them paint a variety of shapes and colours which were then cut out and mixed up in a big bowl.  Random handfuls were then redistributed to the kids to create a monster using the shapes they were given!

This was definitely a really really fun day for everyone!  Looking forward to seeing the monsters that are created this coming week!