ART CLUB | Day 4 + 5: Stamps, Patterns, Mixed-Media

Day 4 was a flop.  There had to be one flopper and it was ok because we bounced back on Day 5.  Also, the kids didn't realize anything was wrong as they still had a great time, but it was definitely good for us to discuss how things sometimes go awry and when they do, you push forward.

Day 4 we worked with a bunch of homemade DIY stamps to create fixed and organic patterns.  We moved on with our book, one of my absolute top favourites: Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and illustrator extraordinaire Jon Klassen.  It's really the most lovely marriage of story and pictures.  Our stamp exercises moved over to printmaking where we cut out shirts from burlap and printed them through a rolling press to emulate the yarn pattern that was used throughout Extra Yarn.  The kids created self-portraits with their printed shirt and made their Day 4 buttons before moving onto the next project.

The next project was inspired by Oliver Jeffers' STUCK.  We integrated stamp/printmaking with bubblewrap to create our own tree and used pastels to illustrate, cut out, and paste all the ludicrous objects ...

Dev here was super into his buttons.  He may very well have the best set of them all as well because of this.  Week 1 was great and it felt good to have that first taste of what I would be dealing with for future classes.  I have had nothing but positive feedback from the kids via their parents which is really encouraging, and requests to host classes for younger kids and adult sessions!  Much to plan ahead for the summer months!