ART CLUB | Week 2 Wrap-Up!

I learned a lot over the 2 week stint of our Art Club.  Made tweaks and took a lot of notes as I went along.  I know I am too hard on myself, but I gotta keep those standards up there!  Everyone had a great time and there were many parents who requested Summer classes through person, text and email, so it seems like I'm not going to have a choice.  This is good.

Anyway, just a quick bunch of photos from Week 2!

THANK YOU to the ladies that encouraged NAY pushed me to set-up these classes.  A special Thank You to the many moms who have been there over the last few years with my photography, for supporting me yet again on this new path.  I am so lucky to be part of a community of amazing women!  And a very warm Thank You to the new moms that I have met for joining in on a fruitful and fun experience!  I truly had a great time with the variety of creative minds and hands, I really loved being able to recognize their different strengths and wiggle them out of their comfort zones.  Looking forward to seeing familiar faces come summer time!