Gosh.  I just love collaborating with Boss Ass Bitches.  There are so many of you and when I receive requests to work with/for/under you, the erupting chorus of Angels is music to my soul.  Flaxsleep is a new Vancouver-based Linen Bedding company and the baby to a trio of smart, creative, talented, and fun-loving women: Anna, whom I met last year at Sarah's Birthday Retreat, and her partners Oana and Vivian.  I've kept in touch with Anna as I fell hard for her awesome style, her intense level of crafting and equally intense level of rapping skills.  Oh, and the one that took me down the Indigo path.  When I heard about this Linen Bedding baby-in-the-making, I was absolutely thrilled!

We gathered together on a very hot afternoon in Mount Pleasant, rearranging Viv's apartment for some product shots as well as styled images for their site and social media.  Before arriving, I knew would fall in love with their sheets, it would just be a matter of which one would I be taking home with me....?

A few faves.


Boss Ladies