Gosh.  I just love collaborating with Boss Ass Bitches.  There are so many of you and when I receive requests to work with/for/under you, the erupting chorus of Angels is music to my soul.  Flaxsleep is a new Vancouver-based Linen Bedding company and the baby to a trio of smart, creative, talented, and fun-loving women: Anna, whom I met last year at Sarah's Birthday Retreat, and her partners Oana and Vivian.  I've kept in touch with Anna as I fell hard for her awesome style, her intense level of crafting and equally intense level of rapping skills.  Oh, and the one that took me down the Indigo path.  When I heard about this Linen Bedding baby-in-the-making, I was absolutely thrilled!

We gathered together on a very hot afternoon in Mount Pleasant, rearranging Viv's apartment for some product shots as well as styled images for their site and social media.  Before arriving, I knew would fall in love with their sheets, it would just be a matter of which one would I be taking home with me....?

A few faves.


Boss Ladies

Coral and Cloud

Trying to keep the momentum going with a few projects from 2016!

Last summer, I joined forces with local Vancouverite and Mompreneur Miko from Coral and Cloud to shoot her Fall Line of modern geometric handpainted jewellry.  The afternoon session included portraits of kids with the new line for the store portion of her website, delicious carrot and cream cheese tea sammiches and some fun candid shots for good measure.  Though the majority of customers are girls or on the behalf of girls, Miko mentioned that a handful of boys really loved her playful colourful pieces which obviously meant I had to pull in Momo to help showcase on behalf of the boys!  Here are a few samples of our collaborative work from last Fall...


Endless colour combinations mean there is not just a necklace for everyone, but multiple necklaces to suit every outfit and outlook of the day!  In addition to the her Doll series, Miko's also got some sweet chunky pieces for adults and some adorable AF pandas on the go right now... Current goodies brewing are for Valentine's Day which means if you are reading this, you are ahead of the game on finding a cute gift handmade for Valentine's Day and supporting one of the sweetest Mamas in Vancity!  Head over to CORALANDCLOUD on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for the latest news!