Hello Ruby!

Ruby has arrived! Ruby has arrived!  

I've been impatiently waiting to meet this sweet girl since Joon first announced they were pregnant again and she is finally HERE!!!  I've got this soft spot for Joon.  I like who I am when I am in her company, whether we are chilling with our kids or partying it up at a girls' night.  She brings out that part of me that makes me feel like we should have been friends 10 years ago.  And now her little girl is here and I get to see her grow up from brand newness and see all the joy (and terror and exhaustion, but mostly joy...) Ruby brings to their family.  

We are set for a session in their new home in the next month or so, but I made sure to capture a few goodies in their current place of Ruby in all her newborn glory...

Love you babe



I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of this Newborn Session although it really makes my heart ache that I did not my own done when Moses + Chloe were the same age.  SIGH.  I first met Stephanie, Dylan, and Jack last Summer for a Beach Session, gifted to them by my oldtimey LFA classmate, Danielle.  I swear the world gets smaller and my circles get tighter as I get older.  9 months later, young Jack is walking, talking, jumping and kissing his teeny tiny brother Logan.  I am so in love with how this session turned out and I am excited for them to look back in 8 years and recall what these early days were like. 

Congratulations once again on your newest addition and a huge thank you for allowing me to help tell your family's story




Family Sunset with The Toigos

These Tsawwassen sunsets are killer and make for some delicious memories.  Headed out to The Bluff side of our little town to capture a sweet little family session with The Toigo family.  Little Jack stayed up past his bed time to practice his legs on the rocky shore and to get some quality time with his Mom and Dad before the arrival of number two, due to arrive next Spring! 

A few favourites from this beautiful evening...


Family Bike Rides

Finally getting a bike for my birthday this year has changed everything!   Family bike rides have filled many of our summer evenings, bringing more happiness than I could have imagined.  The simple things.  They are so good.  One of the top things on my bucket list for this summer was to ride the dike to Centennial Beach.  CHECK!  It was easier and quicker than I had expected and we got to enjoy about an hour of warm shallow ocean water before heading back home again.  We made our second attempt the other night but ended up detouring to a new little spot along the way.  I'm so glad I brought my camera with me for this beautiful evening.  These are evenings I definitely never want to forget.

Summer, you have gone by too too fast this year



2014 Reader's Choice Awards

Yes, I know.  Damn, that's a big photo of her face  I share it because it is not often these days that I'm feeling anything other than nauseous, exhausted and beat down with headaches with this pregnancy.  Looking nice is very far down the list of priorities so I figured I'd snap a photo of me feeling pretty damn good about myself.  Also, it's a portrait... and I just happened to have won this The Delta Optimist's Reader's Choice Award for best Portrait Photography second year in a row!!!  Not too shabby for a selfie.

My sweetheart Mr. O'Brien escorted me to the reception.  For all the time and muscle he has put in to making things happen behind the scenes, I felt he was reasonably deserving.

We sat outside on the patio where I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy plate of goods with the other winners of Ladner & Tsawwassen.  The cherry on top of the lovely evening was that Cait was working in the next room and brought me a personal bowl of hot crispy french fries to munch on while waiting to be called up.  French Fries have been the Number 1 craving this pregnancy, so yeah, I was pretty darn stoked about that.

A million thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the ballot forms!  A special thanks to all the parents that sometimes don't have enough time to take a shower and took the 15 minutes to fill out 25 of their favourite places and services in our small town.  Thank you for all the love, support and kindness over the past couple of years, I wouldn't be here without you!