Paint Night No.1

After a million revisions, Paint Night was relocated and whittled down to a tight group of 4 ladies.  This was not the original plan, but it ended up working perfectly for a simple test run.  If we are defining success by delicious food, wet whistles, and attendees who had a great time and left happy with their final product, then in spite of a sudden downpour, Paint Night was a definitely success!

Downpour?  Yes, we had a very unexpected 20 minutes downpour midway through the event (as well as all day Saturday...), so these photos are actually a compilation of 3 different days of documentation.  We all had to scramble to bring everything inside: the table full of paints, the food table, the rug for chilling, and of course all the easels with their canvasses.  The rain failed to dampen our spirits and we continued on drinking + painting in the middle of my living room!  Snacks and dessert was served just before Kevin arrived home.  He was probably expecting/hoping to return to a quiet home, however, he was instead accosted by a room of roaring ladies forcing him to play "guess whose painting is whose" followed by a critique of each piece.  Best.

Alright, enough chatting, onto the photos...

Crostini Platter via The Artful Desperado
Chocolate Cake inspired by ILĀ

Mega thanks to Kevin for the insane amount of work he did throughout the week helping to prepare everything from designing + building easels to slaving in the kitchen making all the delicious food and sangria for our lovely guests.  Big hugs to my buddy Dave for helping me to streamline my ideas and keep my mind focus while accompanying me on the grocery run!

Stay Tuned for PAINT NIGHT No.2 coming this July!  Date to be announced!


Sunday Brunch Sessions with Cinnabar No. 2

Brunch Session No. 2 with the Cinnabar Boys was Sold Out once again!

Fresh baked sourdough bread 


I'm still dreaming about the potato dauphinoise...

I also tried the Shakshouka and decided I could definitely manage to make this dish my daily breakfast.  I'm pretty sure I would not tire of it since I have eaten a poached egg on toast just about every single day for a year.  This is a thousand times more flavourful and satisfying.

Looking forward to Session No. 3!!!



Sunday Brunch Sessions with Cinnabar

Last weekend, Kevin and I were treated to a lovely Brunch hosted by the talented young chefs of Cinnabar: Zach Poole and Neil Hillbrandt.  The two have been composing true one-of-a-kind menus over the past few months including concoctions such as Venison Tartare with juniper and pickled shallots, bitter chocolate, and quail yolk with baguette and desserts like Oolong white cake, flan brûlé with hibiscus juelly, macerated blackberries and edible flowers.  Needless to say, their fan base has grown, so much so that they decided to expand beyond dinners and offer Brunch Sessions.

The current Cinnabar dining space is located in a smoke free East Vancouver loft with a lovely view, accommodating a dozen guests at a time.  Adults and their young ones alike are welcome to try the new and exciting creations. 


Pastries are available a la carte including fresh croissants baked on-site.


Caesar / 2oz East Van Vodka, Clamato, Tabasco, Worcestershire, salt rim, spicy pickles

The Cinnabar / 2oz East Van Vodka, Crème de Cassis, Lavender Bitters, Lime, Soda

Kir Royal / Crème de Cassis, Prosecco

Mimosa / OJ, Prosecco

Michelada / Lager, Clamato, Tabasco, Worcestershire, Salt Rim, Lime

Beer / Off the Rail Psyclepath Lager

Coffee / Matchstick Coffee Roasters

OJ / Fresh Squeezed

Nothing like having a day off from your kids to have a delicious brunch with your childless friends from the city.  It is simply THE BEST.

Red Miso, Apple and Ricotta Scones, Asian Pear and Ginger Muffins and the perfectly baked croissants from heaven.  I had a scone and a croissant with my coffee.  

Savory Wild Mushroom Waffles
Sunny Eggs, Root Veg Hash, Bechamel, Piperade

Seared Pork Belly
Potato Latkes, Beer-Braised Apple, Sunny Eggs, Pickled Red Onion

Lamb Merguez
Harissa Polenta, Asparagus Pesto, Eggs Sous Vide

I had been looking forward to this Brunch for weeks and the boys did not disappoint!  I am already salivating just thinking about what they have in store for this month's session!  A huge round of applause to you both for doing a stellar job!  Looking forward to the next Sunday Brunch Session and hoping to join in on one of the dinners.