Leni Saga

Welcome LENI SAGA!

There were so many babies this year, turning many only siblings into Eldest siblings!  Bram became a big brother to Baby Leni at the start of summer and seems more than happy in his new role.  It's pretty crazy and surreal to see so many friends in the place that I was in 6-7 years ago, juggling two little lives so close together.  It seemed to drag on forever, but now that it's passed, it feels like it went too fast and I barely remember any of it at all.  Although I sometimes feel jealous or bitter that I was the first to have babies, it has been a gift in so many ways.  Through blogging and sharing my experiences, it was (slightly) less of a shock of things to come for my friends once they came tumbling down the rabbit hole.  It has also allowed me to better cherish these special times and as a result, be able to capture these special moments with greater heart.  Being ahead of the curve, I know the important things that will be missed or forgotten.  I know the thoughts, feelings, the tiredness and all the internal mish-mash of these early days.  These exhausting times are precious.  Slow down an enjoy it because when it's over, man is it over!  I MISS IT!!!! 

Family Sunset with The Toigos

These Tsawwassen sunsets are killer and make for some delicious memories.  Headed out to The Bluff side of our little town to capture a sweet little family session with The Toigo family.  Little Jack stayed up past his bed time to practice his legs on the rocky shore and to get some quality time with his Mom and Dad before the arrival of number two, due to arrive next Spring! 

A few favourites from this beautiful evening...


Family Session with Baby Avery

I might have to start an LFA Alumni tag for the blog soon!  I've got another family session this weekend with an old classmate.  I really fought my parents on going to LFA when the majority of my friends went East to St Pat's, but I must admit, being at an all-girls school was pretty terrific and having made friends with so many great women, it's a blessing to be able to meet and capture their mini-me(s)!  To have memories of so many heart-to-hearts, fun-but-bad decisions, falling outs, or even calling up the girl who sat behind/beside you for 5 years because she was Chiu and you were Chan and she was really good at math and you were not, and then to take photos of them 15 years later is pretty special.  Pamela Chiu is so up there on memories of highschool although we ran in different circles.  I'm probably giving myself a bad reputation as a Baby Floosy, but I really love Avery.  We were buddies right away because all Asians look the same, so it was super easy for me to pretend to be her mom! 

Jokes aside, photographing Alumni offspring is the best.  Seeing glimpses of your old-time buddies resurface in chubby yummy form and to see these old-time buddies smile with so much joy in their heart is like being magically transported to Candyland.  Jason, you're alright too :P

Love you Pam
Salvo, you're a lucky guy


family session | happy 1st birthday Pierce!

I am in love with this little guy.

We first met for Pierce's Family Session shortly after his arrival to earth and to proud parents, Chelsea + Aaron.  We got together again for Holiday photos where I really got hooked on him!  He was the most smiley and chill little guy and by the time his First Birthday rolled around, he was still laughing and smiling throughout the entire course of our session (ok save the car ride, but who likes car rides anyway....).  I headed out to Abbotsford and jumped into the family car to our destination at Woodbridge Pond, the same location where Chelsea + Aaron tied the knot!  What an absolutely romantic and special way to celebrate Pierce's First year. 

Enjoy all the smiles from this cheerful little button :)

thank you for welcoming me into your lives
and allowing me to capture these joyful moments for you guys

parenting is no walk in the park
you are doing a truly fantastic job with this sweet boy