3rd Annual Facepainting BBQ

3 years ago, I was hired to do some facepainting at an end of the summer backyard BBQ for a local Tsawwassen family.  Their guests all had children and the host felt it would be advantageous to have some "entertainment" and "distraction" to allow the adults to enjoy one another's company with as little whining and pestering as possible.  It went great and I was overjoyed to be invited back for a second year.  I brought along my button maker for my second gig as an extra activity for the kids, ages 3-8.  Another fantastic evening.

This evening's gig was BY FAR the best!  It's crazy seeing all these kids only ONCE a year.  They are still so young that a year really does a number on them.  I know when I get the call for next summer, the oldest girl will definitely be my height!

This year I offered a photobooth along with the facepainting.  OH YEAH BABY.


I can not put into words how much fun I had.  One of the parental units came over and were thanking me for taking care of their kids and I just shrugged it off telling them that I was doing two of my favourite things with the sweetest and most well-behaved group of kids, it was MY PLEASURE.  seriously.  i could have stayed another 4 hours.

I don't know if it is just the girls growing up or if they feel more comfortable after 3 years of this facepainting, but they were just a full on blast.  They yelled my name throughout the evening to watch them do their gymnastics, their "routines", handstands, and crazy poses.  Even our token boy, 10 years old, was impressed with my ability to paint the Diamond Sword from his favourite videogame, Minecraft.   

They were blown away at my level of talent and imagination, that they could witness hand painted illustrations of their favourite characters or ideas come to life.  YOU ARE THE BEST PAINTER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!    No, I'm not.  I went to Emily Carr and I witnessed dudes painting 10 foot high-realism oil paintings of celebrities and I can safely say that stuff is outta my league.  This lighthearted and playful illustration gig is where it's at for me!


Fan Brush for INSTA-lashes and freckles

By the end of the night we had 3 little puppies!!!

I really love this gig and hope after putting this out there that more people hire me for this Combo Service because it is truly the funnest thing in the world!!!!!   OH!  And the frosting and cherry on top was that they all gave me the biggest group hug at the end of the night!!!  BEST GIG EVER.